Xcode Tutorial: How to make your first 3.0 iPhone/iPod app!

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To download the SDK go to:

You have to make a apple account to download. You have to register to the iPhone Developer team. ITS COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!

To register go here:

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Sarah Jones says:

Here is a class that teaches the X-Code interface. It is an intro level class. No programming experience required. You need a MAC to be able to take this class: 

Mehdi Naji says:

love it, cant wiat to buy a mac and start creating applications for the people around the world so dear all wish me luck lollz

Youtuber says:

there is the newest apple guide: tinyurl. com/os48bwy
(delete spacebar between . and com)

tanner hughes says:

please tell me if this works

tanner hughes says:

does it work?

Toby Lindsay says:

Please tell me you're joking.

Zeri ous says:


Zeri ous says:


Lyubomir Marinov says:

it's not "dekstop", it's "deSKtop" ;)

Adas Tenkie says:

is this a joke?

nozrati says:

He's probably using Quick Times Screen Recorder which is free. 

Bradley Morris (Eaglei) says:

r u retarded hes on a mac not Windows!

BestGazaVid says:


cantbbothered2addvid says:

You may as well ask what website are you on?!

thruman angelyna says:

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The2CODplayers says:

u stupid he uses a mac LOL

Kev says:

Thats a sweet video!

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Eugene D'Hage-Craig says:

hi friend try unity

Fabio Green says:

alot of code
with repeats


really good in depth explanation thanks

cuzcatlanochenta says:

what is the name of the sofware u are using to make this video? windows movie maker?????

Matt Morris says:

speak up you twelvie

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