Will You Buy the Apple Watch? ft. David So

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1 – Wearable News – http://elitedaily.com/news/technology/closer-look-apple-watch-photos/748296/

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Hosted by Julia Chow (@xblueapplez)
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lee pasaol says:

i'm sorry David even if you're sexy and funny as fuck , i have to disagree with you, Android is much more better and the complexity of it is a challenge & i have used a decent types of Android phones…fyi in a 3rd world country not all of us can afford Original Apple Smartphones and even if I can in the near future i would still go for Android :)

shonenlad says:

Average people arguing about the products of multi million dollar corporations is hilarious. My corporation makes better products!!!… No! mine does!!!

Buy what you prefer people, it's really not that serious. Unplug from the matrix of hype and BS once in a while..

pushpopLoC909 says:

The thing is…. it doesn't do anything my MS smart wrist band doesn't already do. Samsung already has this tech and it's been around on the android field for a while. The thing about it being simple and straight forward is in fact true and that's something I don't personally like for the same reason I don't like going through a tutorial bullshit that treats me like a 4 year old. Maybe I'm speaking as someone who's used a multitude of OS's and pieces of tech as well, but Apple products are honestly kind of shit when my old Hackintosh computer has outperformed and out classed my last Mac Pro which cost me almost double the price with half the features and half the performance. Even if you're a consumer that doesn't at all use the extras that come with a better machine like a Hackintosh (google it in case you don't know what that is) or a regular Windows PC or even a Linux based machine (only I and a few brave others use this one Lol)… you still can't really live with the fact that you're paying double just for a company to take away features for you than to go through a rather small learning curve. I have the money to buy myself any Apple computer right now and not really feel any regret because of the price, but I would feel regret because of the performance I get out of it in general. I've gotten frozen screens and jacked up files from my last Mac than my old ass AMD build I last had in it's lifetime. Apple is a lifestyle, yes, but it's not a smart one unless there are very particular and specific software programs that are ONLY on Apple products. Even then there is software that matches that on PC but that's all personal choice. Objectively, PC and Windows is overall better. Especially now with W10.

One Wear Reviews says:

gold one a grand… HA try 12 grand maybe even 14 i dont recall

Shadow Slayer says:

Well, they improved it now. They made a video where Apple users could test "iOS 9" but it was and Android OS. And they commented on how cool it was that it could do more and it was simple. You're just paying more for the brand. It is not for creative people, it is for people who want to show off and strut. If you want to blow your money, there are other phones that cost more than iPhones, at least in Norway. People are just assuming it is hard to use Android phones without trying it.

63B1stmaint says:

plus one david

Alex Byrd says:

I hear you, Zordon. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME! XD

Gor B says:


Asian Dude says:

lol 1 step closer to a pipboy 3000

rsxteufel says:

There are more people in korea buying apple then samsung(made in korea)….lol

LittleCupOf - T says:

My friend has apple. She loves it….ain't nothing special about her lifestyle
Apple is an expensive brand that makes the owner look expensive and (like David said) on some next level shit, but the tech itself is not new (anymore, it used to be untill korea became a 1st world country).
Samsung is high tech shit for the everyday person who will actually use the tech for what it is and not have to take out a loan (because of the deals they make with companies like AT&T to make their phones more affordable.
iPhones are cool and all but they are like every other expensive brand, there mainly for bragging rights. But (like geo said) that's just how I see it.

Braden Schlimme says:

Who is watching this after the watch came out. I wish I could reach in the screen and tell them that they're saying so much stuff wrong.

Bryan “Wolvie” Nguyen says:

Androids are the creators… Apple is just taking their idea and making it… "easier"

Darcy Clinton says:

I'm 10 months late ,Joe looks so young in this video.

AsianGamer plays says:

bruh its like a 007 watch

Mello Hurt says:

Android phones have a simple mode for those who don't want all of the advanced features and clutter. But then again it is hidden in the system settings that only advanced users really look at.

Kat Ly says:

I would buy apple watch is its cheap. Like legit cheap. Not expensive.

SuperL00k says:

haha they thought the gold watch was $1000…..its about $20,000 lol

majdi mahmoud says:

Why are jknews disabling the comment section on all their vids?

Rubin Rahman says:

Oooh a gold electronic watch… It is much harder to produce a Rolex, I'd take a Rolex any time over an Apple Watch.

Derek C says:

does david work for apple. If so can he get me an iwatch too

Pete the Panda says:

APPLE SUCKS!!!! It's a fact that Android and Samsung out perform Apple products. I'm sorry, but its true, look at the specs. Especially in the price category.

jason pham says:

The Samsung gear has every thing the apple watch has and it's been out longer and it has a camera and you can text or call someone on it and you don't even need a Samsung phone to use it you can put a SIM card in it and use it as a phone and if you think a Samsung is hard to use then you just put easy mode on it simple as that

Brian cote says:

The Gold one is 15-17 grand

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