Why Every New Macbook Needs A Different Goddamn Charger

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We can make a computer fit in an envelope, but I guess we’re still working out the kinks on the charger.

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Christopher Cisneros says:

completely lost care for apple after their iPhone 3gs

Raquan Smith says:

I don't understand why apple release new computers every single year like you don't need to remake a computer every year and let's not talk about the iPad gee they realise those every 6-8 months

Aa Gg says:

So what, chances are much bigger that you find somebody at office/library who has the same adapter as you if you have a mac, but next to none if you have a pc.

Queen Nyrak says:

You can hear how he's trying not to laugh at 1:41????????????????????

Mann Time says:

How do I turn to page 87? That house sounds interesting!

kingmike40 says:

There is a reason why Apple changes the ports. MONEY!!!! Another 100 million from charger sells.

Marc v2 says:

1.25 speed otherwise i cant watch it :

hongry life says:

Normal speed is settings to 1.25.

MutantKitten says:

i cannot believe those cunts get away with that bullshit trick to get more money. i usually prefer windows as it is not total über soft bullshit technology windows is more raw and it is not such a fucking pussy as apple.

Ruben Martinez says:

Does the new MacBook fit in a Manila envelope though?

Beth Bahner says:

The narrator kinda sounds like Wheatly.

J'zargo says:

"It just works." – Apple
But then you realize you can't even charge it because you don't have the new charger -_-

Me Shen says:

they just make chargers worse to get more money ;-; I have bought like 3 magsafe chargers since I started using that macbook. Magnetic chargers are not a great Idea.

MegaXboxkilla says:

LOL nice

JP_Youtube says:

You called it a MacBook Air

Dustojnik Hummer says:

I actually see USB C as charging port a set forward.

asdfgh qwerty says:

fkU and I died

Theyyellowtable !!! says:

"Fuck you. That's why." That shit had me crying ????????????????

Alan Smithee says:

Hurry, Get The New IPhone!; because yours mysteriously started acting like crap for absolutely no reason just as the new one came out… hey, wait a minute!!


Alan Smithee says:

Because Apple Is Evil N Just Shut-up N Give Us Your Money Already

Chris Read says:

at least with Windows the chargers are different because they're made by different manufacturers, buy sometimes they can still work together

Mona Contois says:


Manthan Flash says:

Because fuck you that's why ????

Enes Music says:

is the nararator Limino or lemio

I have a dumb name says:

Why Every New Macbook Needs A Different Goddamn Charger? Milking apple fans for money is so goddamn easy.

DSA '01 says:

"A so,I'd metal cube, with no ports…..try figuring that out…."

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