Why Do iPods Exist in 2017?

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Is a $150 iPhone Worth It? https://youtu.be/gc_gMAlHRNk?list=PL02HDVnTgIcpnnRo8PRZDJnxILA2IHIpI
Apple still make the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle in 2017. But why?
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SuperFamfan says:

The iphone is an ipod

Bredbeddle deHautdesert says:

i got rid of my cell phone, i find life is so much better when people have to leave a message and i get it whenever i want after i get home. i made the decision one day when i looked at the people on my subway car and 50 out of 60 people were on their phones. i own a nano.

Rchero says:

To think that I had a shattered iPod touch for, like 2 months.

Holly Sepulveda says:

iPods are still useful for people that can't afford the iPhone ?.


Fuck iPods, you wanna jog, any MP3 player for 40 bucks is gonna do the job.

Bader Al budoor says:

E-AirPods !!!!!!!!! EAirpods OMG !!!!!!!

I-Review Music says:

"back when we used to rip CDs" bro I ripped some CDs today to iTunes. They were Depeche Mode and Cure CDs.

I-Review Music says:

I love my iPod touch ?

Luttiano Bruno Milanez says:

I think that the Shuffle is the only iPod that has some reason to exist because you'll use it when you don't wanna use your phone, in the gym for example, and in some countries like Brasil where I live, is the kind of place that you want be reticent because of the violence, and it's so thin a small and the battery is very nice, it's a convenient device!

kevin Alvarez says:

The old iPod headphones are called the apple earphones

saim umair says:

I own a ipod6g

John Maloney says:

the shuffle is good for working out and taking go the gym. better than taking an loosing your phone

Anisah Zainab ox says:

The lil shuffle is the best x

Twin Tabby says:

I'm watching this on an iPod touch

Hugo Mulligan says:

Watched this on my trusty iPod touch ?

Clashing with Thunder says:

Lmao who needs a frickin' iPhone 7 when you hv an iPod 6G

ElectricBoltBritton says:

I'm using an iPod 6 right now, "so ya the iPod 6 shall live."

S Pedra says:

My first and only ipod was a classic 160gb, and I loved the damn thing. Such huge capacity and really solid feel, I could drop it while running or whatever without feeling it would shatter any second. It died after several years, and the new ones looked so fragile I lost interest

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