Which Phone is More Bulletproof? Samsung Galaxy vs iPhone

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How Many Samsung Galaxy Phones vs iPhones Does It Take To Stop a Bullet? S7, 6S & More vs FN FAL, AR-15, AK-47 Gun Destruction.


릴브쿠쿠 says:


pedrofont1999 says:

It'd be cool to see this with nokias????

iRapidRifle says:

Is it just me or is it the first weapon you see on this video look like the KN-44 on cod bo3?

HODOR says:

watch out with a nokia it goes back when you shoot it

Degrez Sylvia says:

excuse me for your brands

Degrez Sylvia says:

I like Apple but it is too expensive as it a portable full as other otherwise I like the brand

Degrez Sylvia says:

Apple is the most expensive brands to more manufacturing in china

Degrez Sylvia says:

As told in france that is advertising against advertising

Lol hi says:

So im going to need 5-6 iphones to save myself from a bullet so in going to wrap myself in a 5-6 layer phone. :)

Degrez Sylvia says:

excuse me (side)!

Degrez Sylvia says:

You put people on your say

Degrez Sylvia says:

You say good iphones because it is the prefered American and you are paid by Apple for their adverssing

Joshua McConville says:

People who say Samsung's are better are just saying that because they are too poor to buy an Iphone. :))

Degrez Sylvia says:

The Samsung are better than iPhone

Joshua McConville says:

"You never know when you're gonna need to stop a bullet from entering your heart" Yes, I am going to put 5-7 phones in my pocket in front of my heart to stop a bullet and not buy a bullet proof vest. Then saying "I mean man, it took 5 iphones to stop a bullet." No fucking shit sherlock, phones aren't made to be bullet proof.

Tamra Jeffers says:

still would have samsung

もろもろ says:


Uneducated Guess says:

This is some dumb shit I just found here

Julie Chapman says:

It's called AK 47 not a AK 74

Jackson Redmond says:

Using this monster .223 vs plastic and cheap metal.. Should of used a pistol.. or a actual .22 LR/Mag round..

paloma falcon says:

Yo queriendo uno y el los rompe de gusto ????????????

XxRobbie says:

Rich person, can't even afford a phantom for slo mo.

Hardrock152 6 says:

No apple suck – Samsung RULE!!!!!!!!!

johnathan taco sauce says:

fuckin phone mafia ????

oren moyal says:

I never going to buy a samsung phone, after watching this video,it can't even handle with a fucking bullet.

Geometry Lynx says:

One bullet will destroy both phones so you dont really need to test this ????, but its still entertaining.

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