What’s a computer? Just ask Cortana

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Just because you call something a computer doesn’t mean it fits the description. Cortana knows that the Surface Pro 4, with its powerful Intel Core processor, detachable keyboard with real keys and a trackpad, pen, touchscreen, full Office and external ports fits the description. Everything else is just late to the party. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2aPVOkw


Anton Salsa says:

iPad pro is nothing more than an iPod with a big screen and a keyboard.

team do not bother me says:

That's not a Siri voice

abdu gelil says:

tried all surface line there is always a problem (heating issue or blue screen or lag or etc )
but need to say that microsoft they have ideas and i like the idea of the surface but the software and the hardware not in love like apple products but hey respect for microsoft

Steve Ballinger says:

llll. A.
yrqjierftdddddfdddddcccccccccccccvccxxxxxzsz why isn't there what can help with what you say Google

Ian Guiton says:


Alper Çalışır says:

shots fired

Laci Márkus says:

I have a Surface Pro 3, which I can only use while plugged in. Thanks to Microsoft's "software" issue with the battery (which they didn't acknowledge in the first place and wanted SGD 790 for the battery fix, then sort of acknowledged as a software issue and claiming to work on a fix) So thanks to this issue and a series of others, I have a rather expensive letter-weight, dust collector hooked up to external monitor. A lot of other users are facing this issue where the battery degraded to zero capacity just outside warranty, however, that did not prevent MSFT to collect outrageous amounts for a replacement. Ie paying for hardware fix which later has been acknowledged as a software issue. In the meantime a lot of batteries ahave been running on zero capacity for months. For your reading pleasures please visit:

Jack Macy says:

This is like saying "hey guys, my Bugatti can beat your Silverado

Jack Macy says:

Stop trying to do this

Yodibar says:

iPad Pro isn't designed to compete with the Surface, it's made so that people familiar with iOS, the iOS ecosystem and using apps have the ability to work with a keyboard, and the Apple Pencil is stunning. It's pressure sensitive, tilt sensitive, weighted, it's not designed for every job, if a computer is what you want, get a mac. A surface is awful because, it's a slow, ugly looking laptop and a chunky tablet, Apple is focusing on one thing for Erica products not trying to do two just so that the customer will buy one overpriced, rubbish product instead of two great ones.

Your Mom says:

I love how Windows forgets that Apple makes LAPTOPS AND TABLETS. fuckin retards

tortaman11 says:

It's sad how Microsoft can't make ads without having to throw other companies under the bus.

Jeff Capatch says:

For anyone who says "microsoft is bullying apple," you may want to search up 'get a Mac's advertisments

GpGaming says:

So troooooo

MiguelTheGamer0 // Gaming // Redstone Showcase says:

iOS is better!

KingMCPEx says:

Steve is just rolling in his grave.

FastLikeUNO says:

Well they are right about it "doing more" and actually being able to run all pc based productivity apps on a mobile platform. What im curious about is whether the iPad Pro is apples worst selling ipad of all time or not? can someone enlighten me?

Pikapi17 says:

I get that the people who prefer MS are probably remembering how Apple did a similar thing with the "Get a Mac" ads, but I think it's kind of a low blow for Microsoft to pit their Windows 10 Laptop with a touchscreen against the IPad. And yes, Apple targeted power-users with the IPad pro, Unjustifiably so, but at this point, we know that IOS on a big screen is basically just a consumer-minded operating system. For a more apples to apples comparison (heheh), They should've put a Macbook Air against it. Personally, I think a Blue-Ocean strategy would've helped a lot, because the Surface Pro is kind of teetering on the edge of laptop-tablet, making it really hard to compare it to pretty much anything on the market aside from other 2-in-1s. Even then, remember Microsoft is selling a tablet with laptop specs running Windows 10, and an "accessory" being the type cover (same deal with the IPad), so for Microsoft to point out that the Surface Pro has a trackpad is absolutely ridiculous.

Kid Minecrafter - Car & Minecraft says:

Honestly, iPad Pro is just a much better looking machine, and has a easier software to use. I've tested both devices and I would definitely have iPad Pro over Surface Pro. I am not trying to be an annoying Apple fan that hates surface pro's.

OnyX Silver says:

Surface pro 4 rules I held it and tested it at best buy AND IT WAS AMAZING!!

Mika_ Chan says:

I'm sorry doing that is just stupid

Bellevue MathClub says:

iPad might be a computer in a sense, BUT IT IS ARM-BASED. Not even close to x86 chips.
Apple should man up and replace iPad pro with some Slate MacBook. I guarantee that while the move is not original, MacBook slates are going to be selling like hotcakes in the end.

- Elliott says:

Lol anyone remember the first surface commercial with a bunch of people dancing and clicking the keyboard? Microsoft finally woke up and got back in the fight.

Snikerz Gaming says:

tbh im kinda disapointed how apple just coppied surface pro

Francis Sims says:

This is for all of those "'Hi, I'm a Mac.' 'And I'm a PC'" ads from 15 years ago!

Francis Sims says:

yes, yes, yes!

Thorstein Fougner says:

Bonzi buddy

Donovan Campbell says:

I'd have the iPad because it works as a decent computer and when you wanna use it as a tablet it's brilliant but the surface is a better computer but a trash tablet because it's not light and it's extremely cumbersome.

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