What Do You Think of Apple’s New iTime Smart Watch?

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Apple is rumored to be working on what people are calling a “smart watch.” Since this is a product that does not exist yet, we thought we’d have some fun with it. We went out and showed people a device we claimed was the new Apple watch, but was actually a $20 Casio watch with an Apple logo glued to the back of it. It turns out there are some people who love Apple enough to look past that.

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What Do You Think of Apple’s New iTime Smart Watch? http://youtu.be/v9JQsXPd41U


İmkansızlık Hiçlik says:

They are iDiot iPeope :)

elchatodeoro1 says:

theres no smaart people in holloywood i guess

Kyle Piira says:

have come up with a plan I will create crappy phones and put an apple logo on them and make millions. hahaha…

Maya .f says:

the interviewer sounded exactly like Demi lovato ????❤️

Imran Ijaz says:

Any one knows blocks modular smartwatch?

Poop On-iJUNKs says:

PURE brainless iSHEEP. That's who waits inline in urine and feces for DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS,……..just to get something they NEVER seen or TESTED before. All they care is that EVIL and  devilish LOGO, so they can say, """look I got one too, but have no clue what its or does"". Which BTW, it cost CrApple $80 to have CHINA make their watch from them, and sells it for $500 to $17,000+ for gold plated toilet version. The $350 garbage version, cost CrApple $20 to make.
My gosh people what is wrong with you iSHEEP????????

TheSnake OfSkylands says:

This came out on my birthday :)

michael lee says:

do you like the fact that this watch tells the time ? LOL

BrandonWillWin says:

Dude I fucking have this watch lmao

michael lee says:

this is a perfect example how stupid iPeople are LOL

Momircar Troller says:

Okay I'm an Apple fan but these people are just fucking stupid 

Nick McPherson says:

People would probably spend good money on that too

lets all sing says:

I'm just so annoyed she didn't give the watch back…

du39104 says:

That woman in pink tanktop is hot

Jalf Dado says:

I wonder why apple sold it 1st computer for $666.66. Ain't that the number of the beast? Is this why people are slaves to the brand? Did Jobs sold his soul for success? 

Ash Em says:

Jimmy Kimmel shows off the Apple iTime smart watch… or at least that's what they tell people. It's really a $20 Casio with an Apple sticker and yet many of the asked folks still think it seems AWESOME… people are special — all I can say, lol

Patrik Miskovic says:

thats how stupid apple customers are

dronespace says:

Casio watches are great though (eg Casio f-91w), I'd rather wear that than an Apple watch.

Benjamin Feldt says:

It's out now and it's called Apple watch

Ross Cicero says:

I love my 6 plus.  I don't care how big it is.

halfvolley11 says:

Apple SUCKS.

Samsung is the best!! Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the real phone!

MrUrnidiot says:

1:50 iwatch  YES!!!  upper right

Stand Up Europe says:

fucking sheep

Rui Inacio says:

The typical apple fan, about the Apple watch :

Do you like that it tells you the date, and the time?
– Yes, that's a neat feature.

What do you like the more on the watch?
– It has the Apple logo on the back

Jimmy Kimmel fools public, says $20 Casio watch is the Apple watch

FrootLoop says:

say hello to the 99% of the people on the planet!

Ariole Dieujuste says:

My Samsung gear fit SmartWatch is really awesome. Its water and dust proof. Feels really good to be able to swim in both the swimming pool and beach with my samsung watcg. Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Okay, back to making money online for me :]


iSheep  LOL :-)

Edward Erofeyev says:

This was posted on my Birthday! Wow!;) 

Chris Hooper (Tech of Today) says:

apple is a good company…. and when i say that i mean there products are good "a little on the expensive side." but you're paying more for the brand name and the fashion of owning an apple product. people buy lambo's even though you can buy a toyota camry for $120,000 less. your buying a brand name because its premium and shows that you have disposable income. apple is a recipe company, they get technologies that are made by other manufactures and put it all together to make a stew. the iPhone for instance has a samsung developed processor and RAM, the screen on the iPhones is made by LG, the camera is made by Sony. and i think that is probably why there products are so much because for every phone sold I'm sure a cut goes to those manufactures. just keep that in mind people.

Chris Hooper (Tech of Today) says:

this is what makes me kind of sad to be an apple product user. i use a macbook and an iPhone and i will own an apple watch but to simply buy a product because of the logo or the factory it comes from is pretty stupid. i buy products that have features that i think il use in my everyday life. there are products that apple makes that i don't like and i won't use so i won't buy them and then there are other products that i buy because they will do things for me in my average life. 

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