What Do You Do if You Forgot Security Questions for iTunes? : Help for iTunes

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If you forgot security questions for your iTunes password, you can still get into your account. Find out what to do if you forgot security questions for your iTunes password with help from an expert who is proficient with all Apple products and able to provide OS/iOS instruction and troubleshooting in this free video clip.

Expert: Patrick Coll
Filmmaker: Alexis Guerreros

Series Description: iTunes is the official Apple software that is designed to interface with all iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices. Get tips on iTunes with help from an expert who is proficient with all Apple products and able to provide OS/iOS instruction and troubleshooting in this free video series.


rouda hamad says:

I just placed in a 25doller grift card and I can't even use it 🙂

Seve Diago says:

But it say no compatable information help please

WhiteCreeperMC says:

Loser you got my account banned you lost a sub and getting a dislike!

sarwar sardar says:

i did it but say Cannot Reset Security QuestionsWe don't have sufficient information to reset your security questions.

Jbone L3 says:

Holy shit! im dumb.

Mia Wilson says:

I really need help here. I forgot everything on it. My husband gave me the ipad 4years ago. too bad the screen was broken badly. The ipad has his icloud ID, so he forgot everything on it including the security question and also his email because he never use that email anymore. I love that ipad. it still functional and only the touch screen was broken. what should i do… He got that ipad when he was won a race at his workplace. Help me please…😢😢😢😢

Kounong Lor says:

This just goes to show that apple is one of the worst security devices. Needing to ask questions just to pay for a game?! I wasted 36 dollars for no particular reason just to answer some dumb questions. If problems like this aren't going to be fixed in the near future, there wouldn't be no point to buy one of your devices.

Timothy VanWyhe says:

I tried resetting them and getting the code sent to me but when it said there was a code sent to me I never got one PLEASE help ASAP

Mohammed Adam says:

If this works you have saved me £620

Greg says:

i just called and got it fixed just call you guys .

Jackie Gonzalez says:

I contacted them but they told me I have to get at least one right but I DON'T REMEMBER LIKE AT ALL IT'S SO ANNOYING

G3T R3KT M8 says:

Reset security questions and it fcking asks for it

lyn lee mae herrera says:

how can i fix my ipad when i forgot my apple id and password and i cant activate it

J.J. Raccoon says:

And I think people can report what happened to me

J.J. Raccoon says:

I wasted $15 on a I tunes card to buy games and I can't because I have to answer security question and if I have to reset the question I still need the answers and I don't remember them I think I got robed by Apple!!!

Kaiser Tina says:

i don have rescue email what can i do if i forget security questions I'm from cambodia pls help


Guys I found out if this doesn't work contact them on Twitter and they will help!

Cindy Nicole says:

I'm trying to chat with someone from Apple, I need to asap, and it says "open hours 4am-10pm PT" and….. ITS FRIKIN 4:30AM COME ON! I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT WAITING AND IT WONT LET ME CONTACT THEM:((((

Hey Plays says:

I cousin made my account and for the questions, she put s vsdfbhv sdfbhv sdbfhvbsdhfuvb or something like that

Binod Thapa says:

an rescue email also

Binod Thapa says:

i forget the password n the security question how can i get back my account plz any solution

Sample Text says:

I have like 30.18$ 😐

eikoakiko gomez says:

Phew.. Good thing i read comments first before i do it xD lol Safe and sound i thought i'd need to spend all of my 1500¥ for this.

JessiCakez says:

If you guys don't have a rescue email then go on your ipad/iphone settings. Then tap cloud>(your acct)>password and security>rescue email. If you already made one but never verify it or forgot or rescue email then, contact apple.

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