Web browsing performance of G3 iBook with a SSD

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366MHz G3 iBook running OS X Panther.
533X Compact Flash card instead of a hard drive.

Best performance was found using Firefox 2 that is optimized for the PowerPC, with the NoScript extension. Version 2 of Firefox is that newest one that runs on Panther. The G3 processor is very slow with streaming video, so using NoScript to block Flash animations is key. You can download them here:


Showing the Yahoo homepage with ads enabled, so it’s a little slow. Slashdot is mostly text so it loads and scrolls quickly. Wisebread is a site that uses scripts & ads that give me slow load times on older computers unless NoScript is used. TV Guide site loads fast because scripts are blocked, you can see the TV Listings window is empty at the end. Allowing java would add about 20 seconds, then scrolling the listings is fine.

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Speaker Sex says:

best apple laptop ever, no aluminium unibody CRAP like the Mac Book Pro 🙂

Nathan Masters says:

That laptop looks like a kids toy

Price says:

Where did you get that wallpaper, I can find it in is orange.

dutchmans wake says:

Hello, I'm having problems getting the cd to work, how did you boot it? did you just put live in or is there something I'm missing?

Carl Blemming says:

What have you tried so far? I would boot from the CD, initialize the SSD and then install your OS of choice. The Mac should treat the SSD just like any disk volume

351cleavland says:

Any advice? I have a g3 blue/white tower with a powerlogix 1.1 processor. I purchased an OWC ssd. I am looking for a tutorial on getting it to be my boot drive. ANYONE?

TheHornet79 says:

You have good taste!

egmccann says:

Love seeing what people do with older hardware. (Heck, came here from a demo of getting an 8 bit Atari on the internet and sending email…)

Steven Franklin says:

damn this is slow

Carl Blemming says:

Yes it still works, although I do not use it every day

LevelPanda says:

Because it's beautiful…but yeah, the inside is sucks

XichhassemichX says:

thats the graphite 466 MHz

Carl Blemming says:

Maybe so, but IDE SSD's were hard to find in 2007 when I did this mod.

Manhattan says:

@TheSantiayo LOL…

TheSantiayo says:

@carlblemming Can someone take the ibook clamshell, take everything out, install everything of a macbook pro lets say 13 inch, made some stuff, and create the most powerful ibook ever?

Carl Blemming says:

@TheSantiayo No Lion or Snow Leopard on a PowerPC Mac, those require the Intel processor. The newest OS that can run on PowerPC is Leopard. But, because this is a G3 PowerPC the newest that can run on a clamshell iBook is Tiger.

neonturtles says:

@TheSantiayo Lion; definitively no. Snow Leopard; i'm not sure.

TheSantiayo says:

can you install lion or snow leopard?

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