WD My Cloud – iTunes Sharing Features – It doesn’t work with iOS and Apple TV

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A viewer wrote in asking how he can use the WD My Cloud as an iTunes server. While the My Cloud does support iTunes sharing, it is not compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. The iPhone and iPad can use the WD app of course, but iTunes sharing won’t work. PC’s and Macs, however, can connect to the MyCloud via iTunes.

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DISCLOSURE: I acquired the WD My Cloud through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.


md65000 says:

I have the WD MyCloud. Set iTunes server to "yes" and scanned. In iTunes the drive shows up in that dropdown box. But when I try to select it it just searches for a few minutes and then switches back to the local library. Why won't it grab onto the cloud library?

Jose Hernandez says:

What about using the new apple tv or the infuse app?? will the WD my cloud work ?

Michelle Jones says:

I moved about a year ago. Before I moved, I had all my movies on my my cloud. I was able to play movies on the apple tv. I would go to computers on apple tv and play choose the movie. Now, I have moved and cannot get this set up to work. Do I need to download all the movies into my iTunes? (I am using a mac and not the same computer i used before). Help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

GreenGenesMr says:

would there be any other NAS recommended that could stream content to apple TV right away then?

Thumpur69 says:

How I get to the Settings screens, mine looks nothing like the one you show and I don't have or see anything iTunes server??? The only thing I keep getting for help is setting up my cloud but I already have soup I just want to tweak it?

Joseph Accetturo II says:

That's ridiculous

Testy F Tentacles says:

Great explanation. This answers a question that i have had for a year.

Aj Bob says:

So if I have read the comments right They have updated the app for ios (iphones) and it can stream your music that is stored on it to your iphone over the internet? ( not using itunes)

Sisi Li says:

So does that mean I can stream my itunes library everywhere? I don't need to carry WD Cloud drive right? I can access my itunes shared library remotely/ everywhere? I don't need to turn on my other itunes to see the shared libraries right? Since I'm using WD Cloud. For example, If I'm at work can I see the shared libraries in my itunes? Can I open the itunes , and the first thing I can see it my shared library ,so I don't have click that to show ?

Robert Cross says:

I'll agree with you that the "Music" app is pretty much a busted flush as regards the My Cloud. But that doesn't mean that the MC is "incompatible" with your iPad/iPhone. The (obvious?) answer is to ditch the iTunes server and go the DLNA route.
Unfortunately that seems to mean having to pay if you want a decent feature set – and in my case play-by-track-number is a must have. VLC and Creation5's (free!) players insist on playing my track name, but 8player looks good and less than US$6 for the "paid" version isn't ridiculous. Although I've got to admit a sneaking liking for C5's interface – just a shame that it insists on play-by-name or else I'd probably pay the US$9 they want for the full version.
Being an Android loyalist I'm going to firmly point the blame finger at Apple and their dumb proprietary protocols – for heaven's sake Cupertino offer a 3rd party licensing scheme or publish the details!

Lyn Pestana says:

Hi Lon, If you buy a I-tunes match service can you then connect to apple TV to watch movies or only music?

Steven Pua says:

hi Lon, thanks for your explanation. I have given up linking my wdc via gigabit port while running my desktop using wifi. The speed is so slow that it become intolerable. Could you help me to setup my wdc as a external storage which link directly to my computer? I saw your clips earlier but you are using mac while I have problem with the setting up using windows 10. I hope you can help. Thanks.

Fabio Vitale says:

Hi Lon,
thanks for you reviews, I ask cab create on a web server Mycloud to run a site .asp?
Thank you

TheEntityNL says:

Hi Lon, thank you very much for this explanation of the Itunes server, however, since it doesn't copy the music to my WD automatically I find that pretty much useless.
So I copied my complete Itunes folder from my usb hdd to the WD mycloud and had Itunes to use that library as standard, everything works, playing music sometimes takes a second to load however, which I find quite odd because my mediaplayer can load 10+gb movies without any problem or delay, but the main issue I have is copying files into Itunes, it takes up to 5 minutes a song and meanwhile totally freezes Itunes.
I searched the entire internet for a solution but know one can really point out the problem. Do you have any idea what it could be that makes Itunes running so slow with the mycloud? Should I create a new library?

sherif allam says:

Hi , I have this issue that may someone helps me to solve , after iOS 9 update I can't login to wd my cloud via mobile app , any help??

Trey Salsbury says:

I ripped my entire DVD library and have it stored to a external hard drive and its played through iTunes. I'm looking for a way that other devices I have can stream that content if I'm at a hotel or not home. Is there any suggestions on that? Thanks

Rob McLaughlin says:

DUDE! Awesome advice.. the main reason I bought the MyCloud is to cloud my music.. I'm taking it back tomorrow and subscribing to Music Match! Awesome..

Tony Nicklow says:

instead of paying Apple $25/year you can use Google play music keep all your music in the cloud for free

Bobby Comer says:

Hey Lon, Great video. I have some videos saved in the Video App that comes pre-installed from Apple. Is there a way to move those to my WD MyCloud?

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