VPN Lifetime Free For All iOS Version iPhone, iPad, iPod (HD)

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Updated 11 January 2017: Please Watch This Video For iOS 9.0 10.1 & Above https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd_3XdZmQ7g


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How To Do Anything.

You just follow my instructions in this video & enjoy blocked website on your iDevices

1 Go To Apple iPhone/iPad Settings
2 General
4 Add Configuration,
5 Go To PPTP

= Add Following Settings =,

Description: UK Server

Server 1: uk.websitevpn.com
Server 2: us.websitevpn.com

Account: websitevpn.com

RSA SecurID: (Leave This Box)

Password: freevpn

File Uploaded & Posted by: Shan Iqbal.

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Shan Iqbal says:

OMG! Thanks To Viewers For 1 Million Hits On This Video. Love For Everyone <3

Please Contact Me If Have Any Question: Whatsapp/IMO +923333333056
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Honest Speaker says:

It's connected but not working. So fake

Harsh Patel says:

It wont work coz its from pakistan😂😝😝…and at last he had all videos for hacking and hijacking fucking paksitanis they never change ..!! Terrorists

Sylvester tugade says:

2017 it's work ?

kaleem ahmad says:

Whenever i try to connect it. It shows the L2TP server didn't respond. Try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings and contact your administration

Wallace Gonzalez says:

This VPN solution called “fetching zonet com” (Google it) works efficiently. I did not have problem setting it up and it`s quick. I had it for 1 year, and have signed up again already. The main reason why I like this vpn service provider because of superb security to provide protection against very bad things on the web!

Blaine Poole says:

I really like this VPN service “kanat unique one” (Google it), it will help you be able to gain access to applications and web pages that you may be unable to access on other wifi networks. This particular service is excellent. It`s hard to get a VPN app which has limitless access time. Allows me to access Netflix and so forth.I strongly suggest it.

Zennor Everson says:

I`m an overseas personnel from U.S. and this VPN service “kanat unique one” (Google it) has been my partner in terms of great connection to the internet. Enables me to watch shows and so forth. like if I am in the US. I also used this in my school where WiFi blocks social media, so this is the best VPN I could find to unblock everything and it works great.

zToast says:

umm why is ur recommended vids about hacking XD WTF

ProWarrior99 Playz says:

He's using wifi

Hira Khan says:

Ask secret at last momnet

Rev says:

I'm thinking this is a Scam and he is trying to get information out of us, I wouldn't do this

Hardev Singh says:

brother its diconeting after 5 minutes

Awesome Pie says:

Is it safe? Should i turn off family sharing?

leo kiba says:

if i have 0 megabytes and i will open 3g can i serf on net?

Jon Cell says:

how do I check my sim manager on lg x power??

Dustin says:

it is fast?

Heaven Griego says:

it says i need a secret required

Nick Sci-Tech says:

Is it still working? The status says 'connected'.

geko arnulf says:

free for a lifetime? Sounds like a scam to me.. Better get free trial then pay for it afterwards, it more realistic like that. Advertise something that works like Astrill man and not these kind of info that doesn't work at all.

Purock Rockers says:

buang ka nka wifi ka kaya gumagana internet sa cp mo…yeah..

Purock Rockers says:

buang ka nka wifi ka kaya gumagana internet sa cp mo…yeah..


My vpn didn't pptp

Devin Vega says:

PPTP isn't in the list

avegail castillo says:

how about my ipad did not response

Cutey1133 says:

You Arabic Bro?!

v XAMPL says:

I'm on a new iOS it says Remote ID?? What do I do

Shan Iqbal says:

Important Notice: Please Watch This Video For iOS 9.0, 10.1, & Above Latest Version:

i've uploaded new video just watch & follow easy more than this video method. All iOS version users can use this method but i made this video for specially latest IOS version.
For any request or question just post here:

Technical Brothers says:

My vpn is not connecting it shows ppp problem on it help me please

Leiron Azodnem says:

wheres the username??

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