VLOG 115: Apple Watch!! Android vs. Apple! (Ghetto Review)

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Harry Cooper says:

dude your funny as fuck mam

Niamh Casey says:

I'm not American, I'm Irish, so I've never really understiod a lot of the racial issues that arise in America so I apologise if this is seen as an ignorant question, but what does the term 'person of colour' mean? Growing up I was always told that a 'coloured person' was a black person. Recently though, I've heard people of Asian ethnicities (like David) say that they are a POC. So is it just a general term for any raise that doesn't come from Europe or what? Thanks.

Britania padilla says:

iPhones are better

XxSasha BrausxX says:

OK let's all say this both of those MuthaFucking watch are the fucking same god dam thing

Kala George (emoji queen) says:

Love him so funny ????????????

Kassie Fouts says:

I give a shit because I sell Boost phones. (I get it, I'm cool.) I don't want to hear people trying to blame me for a phone that's expensive to fix or replace. Apple's marketing is not your friend!

Desiree Tucker says:

¡¡yass!! +Juliana Quach the Apple is Definently overrated, I mean it's a pretty phone and that's pretty much it, but ANDROID is an amazing product I mean there's so much and the phones like hello the variety of amazing quality is mind blowing nah but it's Android is great

Elmo 2004 says:

Sell your js

DiDi Malik says:

omg! you're Korean?? 오빠 안녕하세요!

Milly Dorante Morales says:

I just realized how broke I am because of the Subway thing
hahaha… wait that's sad

Frost Archer says:

Oh my fucking god that bit about the asian british accent is so true.

SamsungLG says:

Basically, we're paying more for the same technology that already exists. The brand of the product gives status to the owner. At the end, who made your money that you won't give to strangers.

Shannon Leary says:

People are completely forgetting what a watches purpose is. It is uses to check the time, not to see your calendar or check your heart beat. If you want to do any of that you can either get a phone or go to a doctor or something.. I believe that certain things were created for certain uses, and that's how it should stay, when it comes to technology the only things we need to improve is medical equipment or something else that would have a positive impact on the world and make the way we live safer. We have succeeded in improving telecommunications and interactive entertainment/education so why continue, there is a point where it gets too far.

Today you hear stories about kids getting addicted to technology to the point where they become overwhelmingly enraged once it is removed from them, by making more and more of these products they are just increasing that risk. Not to mention all the issues about social media (I mean, there are good things about it but also a lot of bad.)

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