USB Killer vs New MacBook Pro, Google Pixel & More! Instant Death!

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USB Killer Instantly KILLS New MacBook Pro, Google Pixel, Galaxy Note 7 & Tested on iPad Pro, iPhone 2G, GoPro 5 & More Tech.

Part 1 vs iPhone 7 Here:
Part 3 vs PS4 & Xbox Here:


ambhoy says:

Gonna try this to my local tech store ?

Ulises Verduzco says:

Does the USB killer, if plugged to a laptop or desktop does it destroy also the hard drive?

Italy Veneziano says:

could you try it with the original ipad mini?

Nate Kwezi says:

How much money do you have to throw??

Pushpak Bhoir says:

oh.. those devices . RIP

Mike Sanders says:

Will it kill Surface pro 3?

Refugia Tidwell says:

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NeroTV says:

Has anyone a link for this usb killer?


Youre DEFINETLEY retarded

Huy Vo says:

Can u kill the Death Star with the USB Killer?

Allen Garvin says:

Woo, let's see some enterprise server grade equipment. Anyone wanna see what it does on the usb port on the supervisor module of a Nexus 7k?

Ryan Kirk (ronyan) says:

Alright I will not plug this into an Apple I

Cooper Garner says:

Honestly it pisses my off that people do this, like I like this guy though it is not needed to destroy these eletronics…..

Sky Zrjin says:

can I hava phone plz

Justin Witham says:

I wonder what it's like to have so much money, you buy brand new devices just to kill them -_-

Salvatore Incremona says:

what du you make with a mach box pro 1200 dollers du you are crazy

K A-Benneh says:

the note 7 didnt explode wow

marc kader says:

Good morning, Am truly in struggle to buy a computer in order to complete my studies, so if you can donate a macbbok pro to me that would be very helpful and generous of you !

Sándor Szegfű says:

Very sad and stupid. You killed lot of stuffs on this video. So many people just dreaming about this things or saving money years long to buy a macbook or just a good phone. So this video is ONLY good for you to show everybody, you are able to trow out 10.000 pounds in 14 mins. Disgusting, and absolutely pointless.

Ben is Bæ says:

Put it In a fused protected extended cable

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