USB Killer vs iPhone 7 Plus – Instant Death?

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What Happens If You Plug a USB Killer v2.0 Into iPhone 7 Plus? or Note 7? The Fastest Way To Kill a Computer!

USB Killer vs PS4 & Xbox Here:
USB Killer vs 2016 MacBook Pro Here:
I bought mine here:


lef Games says:

se q te pagan y ezo bro lero me duele elano iPhone 7 ;- ;

rizhadi rukashel says:

i hope you put more money to people who need it than wasting it just to destroy a thousands of dollars gadgets.

sidahe Bentchickou says:

Give me one of your phones

Joriz Roxas says:

subscribe to me an Will subcibe you to

armando Guillen says:

im view your problem with the iphone six

Aaron Kim says:

cruel joke with black screen when you plugged into phone lol

Arnav Bhalla says:

How much is the USB killer because I went on the site and it did not see it in U.S dollars.

luis flores says:

Maybe the fake iPhone doesn't support OTG

Θ says:

what if you plugged it into a wall port?

Sarcastic Pickle 2 says:

If you want to kill your phone watch Sarcastic Pickle.?

Christopher Mets says:

the iPhone 7plus was charged so that's it why the iPhone did not charge

Mr Scytale says:

this just proves that the iPhone can't handle a little electricity.

Sfswave says:

Tempted to go buy one of these and go to a PC convention and plugging it in random computers?

Unicorn Apps says:

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Davis John says:

Next video: USB Killer vs Penis – Instant cum?

Gian Garcia says:

This USD killer is stupid annoying because it broke computer and monitor not even iphone

Beastykills1 says:

Use the USB killer on a coolfire4 tc100

Ace Hearts says:


Time Machine Toy Show says:

note 7 still better in every way

CR3ATUR3 says:

Can't i just make my own usb killer with notepad virus? Why would i buy one?!

Akol Akol says:

i should plug one into all the laptops at my school

XPeater/sutsiki says:

Not that much energy in a phone , that why that don't work i thing

Jonah gamer boss Pro gamer says:

Not cup cpu

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