Unveiling the Digital Hub Strategy (9 Jan 2001)

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Jan 9, 2001 – At Macworld 2001, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s strategy for the decade ahead… his vision proved right


Peace & Love says:

Jay Elliot brought me here

Panthera Tigris says:

(2007 – ?) = YouTube + Facebook + smartphones?

joranimo86 says:

I personally don't see why everybody is so "ooh" and "aah" about Steve Jobs. Sure it is great how he looked at the world and his ability to convey a clear message. What could be learned, is he approached the market developments from a broader spectrum. He wasn't primarily focused on computers / PC. He viewed the direction and development of smaller devices and how this could fit into Apple (camera, music and phone into an iPhone). Currently you see new devices being created, such as watches and wristbands, that can do more than just being jewelery but also have a function. You can extrapolate this trend to devices not only being connected with your body, but also being connected to your body. It is not weird to think in the near future your hand IS your mobile phone. In short, the advance Steve Jobs had on any ordinary person is he had a company which provides you with the necessary resources (read: people and money) to work towards a single clear vision. The only thing I would compliment him about is being clever enough to have a holisitc view on the wide range of digital products at that time and connecting the dots.

Julio Herrejon says:

he is soo right amazing

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