Untethered Jailbreak 5.1 / iPad3,3 / The New iPad untethered jailbroken on day of release

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This video shows an untethered jailbroken iPad 3,3 also known as the new iPad on day of release = 16th March 2012.


xpl0n1c says:

@Maker1c why shouldn't I approve your comment. It is an awesome example of someone wasting his time trying to prove this video is wrong or a fake. You are just as wrong as all the others that waste their time trying to find a flaw.

The number of applications that is listed in the settings is the number of App Store applications, which is 3 (THREE). Jailbreak applications like Cydia and NinjaJump are not counted into this number. So 3 is the correct number.

Junaid Riaz says:

How to jailbreak ???????????

muthulingam55743 says:

You should make a tutorial how you make those jailbreaks

Asuna says:

95 People are from Apple's security Team.

lOulOu206-TV says:

release Date please?

jen pierre says:

Ok kewl, apart from that what's your opinion on the new ipad ?

Bryan Quintero says:

I need the jailbreak NOW!!!!!!

Oxyconscience says:

When do you think the untethered 5.1 jailbreak for A5 devices will be released? I bought an iPhone 4s yesterday from some guy on craigslist and he conveniently updated it right before he sold it to me. *sigh*

Flareworld says:

awesome!!! Got mine already! Cant wait for the untethered release!

Rorzzer123 says:

@etechnonews wtf? why does everyone care about this kakaotalk bullshit, its an app what does it have to do with the jailbreak???

Pyloneer says:

Translink fare card eh? Someone lives/has been to Vancouver :)

Rorzzer123 says:

@Clemsonkilz why? ipad 2 is already jailbroken…

SamElmsable says:

Is there a jailbreak for the Iphone 4s on 5.1 yet?

Richard Cherry says:

@Clemsonkilz I beleive he posted pictures on his Twitter the day before of it working on his wifi iPad 2

Martin Girvan says:

@Clemsonkilz yes as its an A5 processor

Black Eagle says:

like <<<

as.sa says:

Good job, too bad that you won't release it to the public.
It sucks, but hey, it's your exploit and you can do whatever you want with it.


htmlcinco conue says:

We doesent he speak?

BeboSquid says:

Apple SUCKSSS… Android rules apple ;)

Levin Tiwari says:

OMG !!!!!
his Ipad looks like mine

John M says:

is there a release to when we can jailbreak the ipad 3. Is there step by step instructions to how to jailbreak the Ipad 3 please. Also for the IPhone 4s 5.1, many thanks

ffac789 says:

Can't wait to do an untethered jailbreak on my 4S and NiP with 5.1. My 4S was jailbroken before, but I couldn't wait to update to 5.1 lol

Metallica Fan says:

hopefully it has to do with kakaotalk like he mentioned like a month ago. that would be sick.

Pat S says:

bring it out bring it out CANT WAIT

laexcluciva says:

Thumps up if you tilted your head! I did

Narvin Williams says:

This is amazing I hope the jailbreak is ready when I buy mines Thursday!

Hene193 says:

Engadget send me here.

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