Ubuntu Linux on a PowerPC G4

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Watch as I try out Ubuntu Linux on an iBook G4. I test various features, DVD, wireless, bluetooth, networking, printing, etc.


TechJunkie says:

how will Xubuntu work for a PowerBook G4 that's fully speced out? with a 17" inch screen and a 1.6(somthing)GHz processor

Jhony Medeiros says:

Hi, do you try to run WineBootler? Works?

CollinG Tech says:

I did not know about Yellow Dog until this video

Nathan Jennings says:

I highly suggest Lubuntu 32bit. It runs on pre-Intel CPUs and has LOW hardware requirements. I also highly suggest installing Wine. Wine will run alotta older, but very useful, Windows based software.
On my other laptop running Linux Mint 17.3, I use Wine as a 'back door' for alotta my ol' fav Windows stuff.

Martin Hartley says:

I recently tried a couple of newer versions on the G4 iBook 1.42GHz model. It worked, and I even got all the drivers going, but turns out that the HDD (now 11 years old) basically gave up the ghost. For these older machines, I recommend Lubuntu, which is basically Ubuntu Linux with the lightweight LXDE desktop. I've got a number of old Wintel machines running Lubuntu to get a few more years of useful working life out of them. I'm getting a replacement HDD for the iBook G4. Despite the fact that it is the most obsolete, it is also the prettiest of my old Laptops and I'd really like to keep using it.

Nathan David (MasterChavoDel8) says:

After installing ubuntu on my PPC system it tells me its in low graphics mode and then frezeses

NyTR0S GaM1NG says:

predicts the future 🙂 lol

Marcin Kralka says:

I wonder how Ubuntu MATE 16.04 will work on that machine :P

TheLionBrony96 says:

1:23 you don't need flash to stream youtube nowadays.

Rahaan the Barbarian says:

And this music sounds like PM (same samples) but I don't recognise the song…

The Yosefu says:


Paianni says:

1:47 You need libdvdcss for that to work.

abatabat says:

5 years later all works perfectly fine 😀 ^^

NoName says:

Ubuntu has (nowadays) its own Flash and Java available. To install goSystem>Synaptic package management.
LinuxMint PPC should have all codecs preinstalled:http://www.mintppc.org/content/installation-instructions-mintppc-11

Nathan David (MasterChavoDel8) says:

How did you get ubuntu on a DVD?

humanpuff1357 says:

what is this song ?

The Yosefu says:

I think there is a setting for YouTube to only use html 5

Nathan David (MasterChavoDel8) says:

Where did you get Ubuntu?

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