U2 new album ‘Songs of Innoncents’ free on iTunes

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Bono and Apple announce the release of the U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence,” for free on iTunes.


evolutionofwords says:

oh gosh! I updated my iTunes yesterday & the album just appeared on my
itunes(but not in my library yet). I was freaking out, since I didn’t
purchase this album(or even knew it existed!). I googled how to stop it &
tried everything, but it refused to go away. So I finally decided to go to
purchase list & report a problem(following the steps I googled online). But
it didn’t appear in my purchased list! Now Im randomly watching another
video on Youtube & I see something about this! Thanks for letting us know
iTunes & almost giving some people a heart attack!(more so just wasting our
time!). Its great that the guys did this. But it would have been nice if we
were informed that it was FREE!. Instead of us thinking there was a mistake
& wasting our time with not being able to fix it!

TheGooseinator says:

Goddammit people. It’s a FREE F*CKING ALBUM! FROM A GREAT BAND!!! God,
every time something happens to give me faith in the Internet community,
shit like this just tears it back down again. 

Joel Schembri says:

Wake up a few days a go. Shocked to see this pile of shite downloaded. Do
they bother to ask. I uninstalled it but this pissed me off. From a music
band still trying to stay relevant. When they haven’t got it anymore. So
they desperately give away their shite new album. In the hope they will get
noticed. Piss off U2.

Marcos Westphalen says:

The biggest album release in music history is here. U2’s new album *Songs
of Innocence* is now available for free exclusively on iTunes through
October 13th. #Apple #U2

CalviNNation says:

this isnt easy to watch

Geehad says:

Are people really so butt hurt about it? I enjoyed it, if you don’t like it
uninstall it….takes like less than a few minutes >.>

jelaninoel says:

This shit wreaks of illuminati symbolism. “oh zen master”? Peep the all
seeing eye at 2:26. Thats not how you close a deal. What happened to
handshakes? Still getting my illuminatiPhone6+ when it drops lol.

Rory & the island says:

i was waiting for Hulk Hogan to challenge him! ..ffs

Tyler Quantrill says:


1. It’s a free album, even if you don’t like U2 oh well, u don’t HAVE to
download it.

2. If you like U2 or want to give them a chance download it, if you don’t

3. It’s a free album they’re giving to you, that doesn’t mean they’re
shoving it down your throats and making you listen to it.

4. It’s actually quite a good album and it’s for free so yeah, no need to
complain really 

tvducky says:

If you want to give your music away for free, let the user click download.
Don’t make it auto-download. And I’m not sure they did it with the best
intentions considering they still got paid. So stop making it look like it
was an altruistic act.

Apple got away unscathed. This is where people should be focusing on. They
put shit on your computer without your permission. That’s a huge invasion
of your space. That’s total BS. Sure, it’s free music and there’s a
one-click remove if you don’t like, but that’s beside the point. 

samslick90 says:

Spammers in action. This is a bad precedent. Now every has been
band will be spamming their music

Captain Random says:

Guys, you are all just a bunch of butthurts.

Tech 2.0 says:

My fucking phone glitches the Fuck out because of fucking u2 I can’t
fucking update thanks fucking u2 for fucking fucking my phone all over the
fucking place this is fucking apples fault and I’m switching to fucking
android FUCK!

LarryUnderw00d says:

lol, the haters, hahahhaha

TSDREX says:

Haha U2 No1 likes your music, everyone think it’s a virus !!!

Nikki S says:

Don’t know why all the bad comments. Cmon like Bono said ‘the clue is in
the name’. It’s not just about them making money it’s about (you too)U2. I
think they probably lost out on a bit of money doing that. But i think they
believe in their album so much that they want people to hear it. Quite
rightly so. That album is GOOD. Just as good as their best. I am really
excited as i think this is perfect timing for them stripping it right back.
This album is THE album i’ve been waiting for since the joshua tree and
rattle n hum. They have had great albums in keeping with the time and this
one is well timed. This could be the start of U2 doing it all again without
actually starting again

Jon Villeneuve says:

I got my album for free and it is awesome

Son Goku says:

If you have nothing good to say about u2 ,don’t say nothing at all ..I love
u2 and don’t need fucking looser like you Joel to put u2 down.

Melv Ashman says:

I cant find fuck all on youtube apart from this, so U2, are you really
taking the piss

MumzyTube Susan says:

Exchanging the truth for a lie… gone from God to the illuminati… the
good ole pyramid sign…. so sorry to see you go to the other side Bono.

WRTYIO says:

There’s only one folder this should be in. JUNK!!

nadine doremus says:

For those of you whining about being forced to have a U2 album in your
library please read your terms of agreement with Apple. If you don’t want
it just hide it. You probably didn’t read how to do that either. This album
is amazing!!!! Thank you boys, thank you Apple.

Karina F. Musto says:

Uhulllllll //////

Massimiliano Ligabue says:

it seems that their only purpose to exist is to make money now, their
latest single sounds like a commercial jingle, since after Achtung baby
they always disappointed me….

peng Guan says:

Wow a free song that is amazing

Momluvshilary2 says:

It depends on WHAT ELSE is attached to this music-is it SPYWARE-why is the
song iris (which is part of the eye and Siri backwards) the only song
that’s “down from the cloud” all the subliminal messages written on bonos
face in mag pics say horrible things about him so when ppl find out ABT the
spyware they will blame bono instead of apple- with the bite out of
it/forbidden knowledge/the apple- like in I pet goat 2 – y’all need to WAKE

Mr Sarajevo says:

LMAO @ the hate. If U2 is a bad band, then I don’t know what good is…

And Wahhhhhhh. It only takes a few seconds to delete it if you don’t want

TheLoserSakaCanucks says:

Everyone is different and likes different kinds of music and I am not a fan
of U2 but I don’t appreciate that ITunes auto downloaded this free album
without my permission it even notifying me or giving me a choice on wanting
or not having it. 

jacknifedbl says:

did you say free?!?!?!?!?!?

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