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Link to screens: http://www.gadgetmenders.com/black_lcd_glass_digitizer_screen_touchscreen_for_ipod_touch_4th_generation.html


A step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the front glass, digitizer & LCD Screen assembly on the iPod Touch 4th Generation (4G) White. Anyone with a little patience should be able to complete this repair on their own with the right tools.

This will correct:
-Cracked Glass
-Dead Pixels in LCD Screen
-Cracked LCD Screen
-Dead Spots in Touch Screen

Parts and tools kits are available on our website.

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Sch00lDr00ler says:

You are the man/woman!!! Best instructional video as I replaced my screen without a problem. Thanks G-Menders

Mehds mehds says:

can you help me GadgetMenders

Mehds mehds says:

hey I just opened my ipod 4g 16 gb because the screen was cracked but then I tried putting the normal screen back, the touch screen didnt work, because the plastic in the digitiser accidently came out, I don't know if that's an issue I tried to put it back, it still didn't work. the home button doesn't work, It works when I click it with my finger nail and doesn't work when I put the home button and try to click it. can u please help me as soon as possible because I don't want to lose my ipod its new

Dave Checkley says:

I followed this step by step and it works great, thanks for your detailed tutorial. It's nice to get an informative tutorial with close up and good descriptions without stupid music playing over and bits missing.

Thanks again. 

Yusei Fudo Lover (crissy) says:

On my iPod the WiFi connects but later it disconnects 

Minecrafttrend says:

Okay so my ipod touch generation 4 has a medium or largeish dent near the bottom and when I power on my Ipod it shows nothing but this wierd screen no words or pictures and the side that has the dent I see light from it. My friend pressed down on the screen trying to make it work but it didn't. It worked for his cause his is a gen 1. My screen also caves in easily. 

donavan says:

Wow dude I had a xtry screen and I followed u step bye step amd it worked amd thats what im using to comment

Yumi Wolf says:

can you replace the screen to remove dead pixel if i replace the screen will the dead pixel go away?

Steve Miller says:

This is the second time I have use this video to help me replace an iPod screen. Thank you for making such a comprehensive video. Both times Successful.

Christopher Boose says:

Great video. I'm looking to do this repair for a friend, but I'm seeing model A1357 on the back of a white model. Since I don't own one of these, I checked and that model number seems to be associated with the charger, not the device which everyone lists as A1367. Can I assume I'm looking at an iPod Touch 4?

Dylan Adams says:

If I try to fix the screen will the device reset all my data.

R Weaver says:

what do you do if you did everything on the replacement and then the touch screen doesn't work and you cant unlock the screen?

Mike Escobar says:

it worked YAY THX

Aspen Trujillo says:

When you change the screen does it reset the whole thing? 

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