Tutorial – iPod Shuffle 2G 2nd Gen Generation Open Repair Take Apart

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geert van Raaij says:

and Apple make your products repair friendly so that its possible for these people to earn a little money

geert van Raaij says:

something for the kids in india – instead of burning electronics repair them!
time enough – hope it for them to get in to this kind of busines

Denis Martinez says:

Mi i pod SHUFLE 4 gen was on water 15 minutes. WHat Can I do??? Thanks

Âctu Ťečh says:

thanks tutorial…

Alex Duffy says:

Just had the same problem, I opened it up as instructed and had a look in the jack port and one of the prongs well not out far enough to pick up the jack so with a small screw driver i push it out, put it all back together and it now works.

Ólacs Óknub says:

I know this is probably too late for most of you guys, but nobody should do this to their iPodd until there's a serious problem. But even if there is a problem, you should take it to an Apple store. This also voids your warranty if you still have. For those who messed their iPods up this way, I can say the same: go to an Apple store.

sumanth kumar says:

mine is a 2nd gen Ipod shuffle for a while i`m facing the prob wit syncing the ipod and when charging it some tyms blinks 1 green and some tyms 3 oranges and that `s it no rep orange blinks while charging.. ipod is not recognising by pc i used reset utility also but in vain plz help me . awaiting a rply

Sabaku0roa says:

can you make a video on how to open the charger dock?

LittleMissJmoo Moo says:

So you couldn't of handed it in? Right what a nice person you're. I hope you lose something valuable and someone keeps it

LittleMissJmoo Moo says:

okk how do you know how to repair what is wrong with it.. I think mine might be the battery.. As when i put the cheaper charger in, the light came on, and then just disappeared even when i borrowed the apple charger of a friend. Nothing displays at all!

LittleMissJmoo Moo says:

Is this a common thing with these ipods being faulty? As mine buggered up when I put a cheaper charger in it (not a apple, though used to work fine before that).. I have a new one now but miss this one :(

Carl Haberla says:

my i pod second generation light turns yellow for a little while when i put it on the usb charger then it goes off …is this the batterie ?

choco swavey says:

same here too

justinrrschmidt says:

Same with me

Jessica Hall says:

Okay I found a silver 2nd generation Ipod on my way to class. On that day I listened to it just to make sure it works. Until now it has been inside my mother's drawer because I got my Ipod touch stolen and this is my last resort for music on the go. It won't show up on my computer or Itunes, and the button isn't orange to show that it's charging even though it's connected with the Usb to the computer. It won't play music and the button doesn't show any colors. Please help me. 

Evan Moulder says:

Software crash!! Just restore at 'settings' > 'version' > 'restore' it might work if not visit your nearest apple outlet. 

Evan Moulder says:

Hey man… Where can I get that small Phillip strew driver?

Jack Coombes says:

well.. this would of been useful if i had been able to just "push it out gently" broke the damn thing.. i think you should pay for a new one or fix the one i have for nothing.. these things are glued everywhere.! its insane to try and push out with a flat head. please respond

Yanni♥ says:

Why do my iPod shuffle turns yellow and turns orange, yellow, orange.?!! :$

Alfredo Molina says:

Now how do you put it back ??Lmao

Jonathan Mcdonald says:

hey man my ipod shuffle and it doesnt turn on and when i plug it in, it doesn't sync or charge i was wondering if you would know what i would need to replace if anything ?

thanks in advance

omar ortega says:

Thanks bitch

walker eberle says:

@mohitkhatri494 when you connect your ipod to your computer go into itunes and update the version software that might help your problem it will re install all of the drivers and software needed for your ipod hopefully this helps 

Mohit Khatri says:

dude i formatted my ipod shuffle 2gen….wenever i press the play button red and amber light blink thrice and i cant play my songs..plzz zz help

metersocket00 says:

Cool vid but if I had a shuffle and it broke I would just get a new one

aznalex0 says:

you have now successfully screwed up your ipod shuffle :D

Brave Little Pixel says:

I've always wanted to replace the memory card inside to a larger size, getting a bigger volume of songs for a cheaper price.

Jason NHISUTU says:

i cant turn on my ipod suffle 2g. non of lights are blinking or turning on only the green status in power on switch.

Ahmed Rajput says:

Really Really Thanks bro for sharing this amazing Disassembling ipod video. Its very detailed, loved it.

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