Transfer You Apple iTunes To Google Play Music Made Easy

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ClaseTalleres says:

Hi. I can't upload my playlists from iTunes to google play. What can I do? I'm using the google music manager.

Takdir Muliono says:

great video !

Rita Sings says:

Thank you for this! helped a lot

Googly246 says:

what you or nobody else mentions is that you have to do all this from the Windows or whatever else computer before it will end up on a chromebook. There is no actual way to do all this on an actual chromebook.

Dalma Alicea says:

Wow Awesome it really worked. Thank you.

cutcreator12b says:

Great video! I just switched from iPhone to Android, and I was dismayed that I couldn't carry my music with me. This solved the problem perfectly! Thanks, TechSteveSD!

jet0577 says:

Ok so you said there are some songs protected by whatever and can't be uploaded. There has to be a way to upload them. I'm missing about 60 songs. Good ones. Any new news since this video? Maybe drag & drop or something? I don't want to have to buy them just to have on my android device


Tech Steve says:

Since your devices will not hold that much music , I recommend using google music for 20,000 songs of the music you love and put some music on the sd card to play offline . However you will have to use with wifi or data stream your online music. You can also buy storage on Google drive 100 gigs for $2 PER MONTH to access with a computer or googles drive apps at

marcus moseley says:

tech steve i have about 10,000 songs bout 84 GB on my mac book pro; I want to transfer the library to my lg G3 and LG 8.3 tablet via 128 GB sd card are there any extra steps before I get started.

marcus moseley says:

also I will be using from a macbook pro….please respond to assist me before i get started

marcus moseley says:

tech steve I have 10,000 songs bout 84 gigs i want to get to my new lg g3 and lg 8.3 4g LTE tablet via 128 GB SD card will there be extra steps

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