Top 12 iPhone 6S Cases Drop Test – Most Durable iPhone 6S Case?

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Which Best iPhone 6S Case Is The Most Durable? Top 12 iPhone 6S & 6 Cases Dropped From 50 Feet! Most Protective?

Part 1 HERE:

Screen Protectors Used:


Derp Ssundee says:

U need a red pepper vas I dropped mine from 52 foot and I have a fully functional I phone six and no scratches no nothing

owen _duby says:

give thembaway

SoulKeeperPlays says:

the ladies in the back on the last drop XD

Hever Games says:

why did you do this just gif me one XD

zDiogoHD says:

Tem q c muito rico

V!r3k M0nst3r says:

11:20 it's not be iphone 6s it's iphone 6


He says I don't recommend this one but like no ones gonna drop the phone from 50ft

Omega Marthadania says:

how much the cost for this video -_-

Fat Kid Gaming says:

are you going to giveaway

James roque says:

9.41 there was a bee on him

Samtaplet says:

You should have done the kraken ams case.

majid farahani says:

Stupid !!!

Erin Beal says:

So you weren't concerned about that wasp on your hand on case 10?

Anika Jacki says:

How can this dude afford all these iPhone's and cases just to drop them on the fucking ground from a tower wtf! does he get sponsored by the cases? or from apple? i mean hy the fuck would you spend that much on phones just to throw or drop them from a tower on PURPOSE!?

Eli Wyatt says:

What is with all the layered cases?!?!

Willthepro says:

that bee though

nesia silva says:

my and ipho

Aamir Kutianawala says:

i wonder what the people in the background must be thinking.

Jack Liu says:

why not do screen protectors

IIKlogaII _ says:

Who else had the tech 21 impactology?

Ryan Tjandra says:

wasted?? ????????????

Sri Bala says:

who else freaked out at 9:40?

Bree x says:

I got the ESR case from amazon and it's awesome omg

osman padilla says:

Where is an otter box?

Ktm lover says:

How do u get so many iPhones

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