Top 10 iOS Games 2016

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Looking for the best iOS Games? Well today we are taking a look at my personal, Top 10 iOS Games of 2016.

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Top 10 Free iOS Games 2016:

#10 – Badland 2 – $4.99
#9 – GTA: Liberty City Stories – $5.99
#8 – Pacman 256 – $3.99
#7 – Afterpulse – Free To Play!
#6 – Lara Croft Go – $1.99
#5 – Mortal Kombat X – Free To Play!
#4 – Vainglory – Free To Play!
#3 – Space Marshals – $4.99
#2 – Rayman Adventures – Free To Play!
#1 – Modern Combat 5 – Free To Play!

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Pratik Rai says:

you didn't include gta san andreas?????????????????

Hacky Wacky Gamer For the win says:

You sound like a retarted pig trying to get out of a gas chamber. Why is that man?

Ghost crasherz says:

.-. Afterpulse isn't on ipad

FaZe Kimatoon // TheStarCrew! says:

Wtf is wrong with ur voice u could be a horror movie voice actor xD

Crazy Loco says:

You dude nice video keep ingoring hate and give me a shoutout please


My favorite iOS game would probably be Monument Vally! It was a great art style and I love the puzzles!

Мс Печенька says:

Отлично !!!

Andrew Clark says:

I have heard this voice on Anchorman.

성환황 says:

Your voice is Apple employee Phil.

성환황 says:

Are you Apple fil??

Sans Is The Best says:

Why do you sound like "Lumpy Space Princess"

brad harrington says:

Dude your voice is sick, you could make a really scary deep voice

Punished Snake says:

if you dont know what a GTA game is then idk what your doing with your life

Kallum Taylor-Vincent says:

No offence, but do you use like an audio filter to filter your voice or is that your real voice?

slogree says:

i understand on ios its not free but on android its free

slogree says:

why badland is not free ? :,(

Rainbow Donut says:

I dont he sounds weird but i think its just very different.

the_dutch ninja_gamer says:

Pokemon Go??? Clash royale???

Parag Desai says:

Real steel

Chris Gannon says:

whats so good about bad land 2

The NeedForSpeeder says:

Epic voice. I would scary someone with that voice :D

Eugenio enioil zhou says:

U sound like a 90 year old

Exege Pando says:

Your voice sounds unique, shut the fuck up haters ??

Sorry Dad says:

This guys voice sounds like he snorted helium

shadow fire says:

okay thank you

shadow fire says:

some games are not open world

shadow fire says:

put games for free and open world please

The gamin FaZe SwAg says:

I love you

Theb3stOftheb3st says:

Your voice is cringy

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