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– Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia Cyan updates head out today
– HTC senior execs resign as more changes continue
– Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo rumors sparked by device benchmarks
– Apple to build three iWatch models with Touch ID?
– A Google Glass project leader heads to Amazon

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Windows Phone 8.1 update, in addition to the Lumia Cyan update for Lumia devices. Then HTC surprises us with some internal changes to boost its brand awareness. Samsung then adds some predictable rumors with a possible Galaxy S5 Neo in the works. Apple follows with rumors of three iWatch models with Touch ID and more. We end today’s show talking about a Google Glass project leader that’s now headed for Amazon.

All this and more after the break.


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Andrew Colpitts says:

Seriously Samsung? I got the S5 and Now more? REALLY??

JlandelMoncada1 says:

I wonder how much Samsung is losing every quarter. I mean yea it is cool to
have more than a couple products, but having like 5 different models of the
same phone is kind of ass backwards.

Enrico Maria Dal Compare says:

1. Buy Samsung
2. Complain
3. Buy Samsung again

Zeedew says:

The HTC guy looks like Michael Fischer :D

oolong2 says:

Why would you need touch id on a watch?…. Isn’t the point of a watch to
have it on your wrist at all times? I would think you’d know if someone was
touching your arm…

C.s E. says:

Apple iWatch – a small piece of “reinvention” comes with three variants and
extreme price.

Francisco J Preciado says:

Amazon should focus on starting their own shipping company.

ronie nalayog says:

Samsung 27% profits decline…investors said..bye samsung..welcome to
Chinese phones..two years from now ..iphone vs Chinese phones..

Jonathan Gonzalez says:

There really is no point into having touch ID with a smart watch. 


I can’t wait to jail break my iWatch

Hailyn Salcedo says:

Wtf samsung how many more holy shit!

Daniel M. R. says:

Amazon Glass, anything you look at will be added to your cart! 

Dbraw says:

No one cares about windows phones and the other ones. We just want apple

Christopher Selfridge says:

I really think Amazon’s hardware would be so much better with Google. My
wife’s 8.9 is a great size and looks and feels great. Right up until you
try to sign into Chrome. Or access Drive files. Really disappointing at
that point. And why block 3rd party launchers? Not everyone likes going
around the freaking carousel… 

Dimitar Georgiev says:

if you ask me Amazon”s products feel a little gimmicky

Calvin Bond says:

No, I want get any of that stuff cause that’s not the only place I buy
products. They just need to make some free apps. Then that should get them
more money plus they not losing any money either…

Linkon Manwani says:

All i cared about iwatch and windows update..
Samsung ass regular , ass neo , ass prime , ass this , ass that……
In short Samsucks. End of story
and who cares about amazon hardware.. Nobody gives a shit

A Simple, Yet Untold Story says:

I agree. I don’t want an amazon product that can just buy other Amazon
products. I think Amazon is trying to go down the “Apple Road” and try to
make a closed off ecosystem.

Ichigo Uzumaki says:

I don’t get the point in making 600 different devices per year….I’m
looking at you +Samsung Mobile. If you do it to stay in the news just
upgrade your devices in a timely matter and not 8 months after. I’m pretty
sure you’ll be in the news for sure.

RiceNinja says:

From my experience, Amazon has disappointed me, the normal Kindle works for
what it’s built for, but the Kindle Fire glitches and can be somewhat
annoying. My sister dropped her Kindle fire and now it has a altered
graphics and audio. I tend to drop my prescription glasses, so I’m unsure
of my Amazon Glasses survival. Same goes for Google Glasses.

Neoand12 says:

I hate Amazon Hardware products. I have nothing else left to say. 

arfived4 says:

An Amazon ecosystem on Android will only make sense for those who already
heavily use the Kindle Fire and the Amazon app store, or who are switching
from another platform. For existing Android users, you have to add
repurchasing desired content previously bought from Google Play to the cost
of the device, should you be unwilling or unable to gain root.

orangey456 says:

Amazon phones and tablets don’t interest me at all. Also, Samsung’s phones
are way too much..

Ben Bauer says:

Wouldn’t buy a fire product personally, because they don’t have normal
android and they can only use the Amazon Appstore.

Alex Curtis says:

I think Amazon’s products lately are pretty mixed. The phone is awful and
overpriced but I think the tablets aren’t too bad. 

DRWXP says:

I was interested on buying the Kindle Paperwhite, But I read somewhere that
Amazon have a history of deleting people accounts out of the blue and with
no explanation on why they did it, So I got a Nook Instead. 

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