This is the New Apple TV Remote App

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This is the new Remote app for the 4th generation Apple TV coming soon!

Check out the post on MacRumors for more:


atabeylive says:

this does not work for me the interface tells me its not in the same wifi network which it is.

Rowan Strang says:

What are the 3D touch shortcuts?

As in what does 3D touching the app on the home screen do for us?

BlackJesusAF says:

If the app isn't available how do you have it?
Paid developer account?

Michael McGrath says:

How'd you get the app early?

Kaysha says:

It would be great if the buttons were modifiable by the game or app

Mark Hardin says:

Is there a way to upload it so others can download it?

christophe enkiri says:

anyone know what game he's playing?


Is there a 4k one?

Arnaldo Capo says:

They had this app before but I guess someone said… "We don't need a remote, we have siri now with the new Apple TV" but then everyone complaint and they fucked up. Now they have to bring it back instead of releasing the new Apple TV without backward compatibility with the old Apple TV Remote App. Which would have been an obvious approach.

Mark N says:

So I can't control the volume and other gen Apple TV's? Great useless

Mitchell Rose Films says:

Is there an option to keep the phone from going to sleep? It would be a pain to have to continually unlock the phone.

Mark Alan Thomas says:

So basically, since the app doesn't do Volume, you still have to use the remote, so you're effectively adding yet another remote control to your already-cluttered coffee table. Way to simplify, Apple.

Seayar Ebrahimi says:

Wish they would've added a private listening feature, similar to Roku's app..

Double Shrekt says:

First dislike! Yuss! Also, this is a weirdass contraption. Whats the point of having a remote?

zbieraj says:

Does it work with the Mac? Can you use it for example for keynote presentation? BTW. Does Siri Remote work with the Macs?

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