The Triple Monitor Mega MacBook!

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) — Today’s Mystery Video –
Ten One Mountie Clip (USA Link) –
Ten One Mountie Clip (International Link) –

This little Mountie clip allows you to attach mobile devices for use as secondary displays to your MacBook (or other laptop). It works with various devices including iPad (and other tablets) iPhone (and other phones).

From the manufacturer –

Have a little entertainment on the side. Mountie makes it easy to attach movies, sports, tv shows, or second screen to your MacBook or iMac. The simple lever-action makes attachment quick and easy. Multiple included grips means Mountie will accommodate all current and future models of iPad, iPhone, and Macbook.

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Random Guy says:

or like… use airplay?

ThePenatrator 9000 says:

how about 1 macbook, and 3 monitors?

Reid Triplett says:

OMG THE APP IS $20 ????????????????

happybois says:

Macfag in a nutshell. Only 2 iPads?? Pooooooor!!

Ebba Hasni says:

i have duet display i buy it with 19$ and he is #$#$#$$^&#^€

john schimanski says:

That looks so cool

J325 S4mlz says:

That must be cool

Pranav Menon says:

that black iPad looks soo dope ????????

Jason Webb says:

Big Lou watches the MMA Hour?? That's awesome!

BraveHeart Gaming says:

I'm jealous…This dude gets to play with the coolest stuff ever created…like everyday lol

Russell King says:

Look at this dudeeeee. Hacking the Pentagon with a Mac, 2 iPads and a small Frappe XD

Raywat says:

App is way to expensive

How To Make Sushi says:

"hacking the pentagon" lol that was funny

Finysel says:

I also interested in making review videos but I don't know to get started… can you help me out..

lucky1sonLP 125 says:

he's hacking the pentagon lol

Miguel Suchil says:

lol???? Hacking the Pentagon

Adrian Traczyk says:

What's da music in da background?

Adrian Traczyk says:

Does it work with Windows machine?

LGHP3 says:

the one at the left wasn't even connected

A Sh says:

lol so many Mac haters here. Yes, Mac is in every way superior to windows for programming and that's a fact. Just because you're too poor to afford one don't mean you have to criticize it.

SunDance00 says:

Why not four?!!

Jos Geerink says:

3.25 zero lag????

audicat says:

Imagine two iPad Pros connected to a 12" MacBook.

Thomas Anderson says:

Real nice set up, I know exactly what I'm doing now ????????

CrAzYgIrL says:

2 ipads 1 macbook

Jared No second name says:

2 iPads and a MacBook. I think I'll just stick to a desktop.

Ken Or says:

Dangggg! Love this setup!

kemboy323 says:

that box is small, how can an Ipad fit in it?

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