The Top 25 iOS Games (2016)

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It’s hard to find great games in the App Store, but there are a lot of really fun choices out there! Here are my 25 favorite games for iPhone and iPad in 2016.

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Top 25 Games:
#25 – Cut the Rope: Magic

#24 – Pacman 256

#23 – Hocus

#22 – Gods of Rome

#21 – City Run London

#20 – Sky Hoppers

#19 – Crossy Road

#18 – Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

#17 – Real Racing 3

#16 – Chaos Rings III

#15 – Guitar Hero Live

#14 – VVVVVV

#13 – Mortal Kombat X

#12 – Pixwing

#11 – Sonic CD

#10 – Heads Up!!/id623592465?mt=8

#9 – Race the Sun

#8 – Geometry Dash

#7 – The Room Three

#6 – Final Fantasy VII

#5 – Badland 2

#4 – Scribblenauts Unlimited

#3 – AG Drive

#2 – Terraria

#1 – Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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Homer Runner says:

In Terraria

Homer Runner says:

There are way more bosses than 5, there's like 20

Precious Martinez says:

You should download Disney crossy road

sharif ismail abdalla says:

what is the games names

Little Boy says:

whats is the tittle all game pls 

leroy miller says:

Clash Royals?

xXGrace MSPXx says:



The only game you didn't get was Injustice: Gods Among Us!

CakeMonster2000 says:

Everything you put on this people already know about

Jamie Lewis says:

were the names of it

Mark Vancon says:

Top 5 iPhone apps imo:
The silent age
Ember's Journey
Chameleon run
Altos Adventure

Keelan Mansuy says:

What is that airplane game where you use your body to navigate your plane called?

‫ياي يايني‬‎ says:

wtf Pokemon go is best iOS game you are stupid

Javier Hernandez says:

Number 1 is a really good game
You should get it guys

Kayla Taborn plauz says:

ur on ipod

Olya Trynova says:

All the games that you were talking about I already have!

127% Gaming says:

These games are bs

TheFirePhoenix MC says:

No Pokemon go

Chi Dao says:

it's nice review. I want to introduce this Stickman revenge game for you. It's version 3 of Stickman Revenge series with more characters, more Skills and more pets.
let's play, it's fun!

bluebaryberry says:

Real Racing 3 ❤️

Larry Pascucci says:

I agree Modern combat is best (:

Yush Gamer says:

some cool iOS games here

charlie whitlock says:

I will literally murder you for comparing minecraft and terraria

Movie Critic says:

Clash of Clans is fun

Bearbushkas says:

BEARBUSHKAS is missing from the list! великий гнев! ROAAAAR!

Eazypeazy Lemonsqueezy says:

Modern combat sucks

GyNx Venom says:

What about GTA?

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