The REAL Reason iPhone 7 Doesn’t Have A Headphone Jack

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With the iPhone 7, Apple decided to kill the headphone jack. There’s a number of different reasons that went into why Apple may have decided to do this. In this video, we try to determine the REAL Reason.

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AJ213 says:

Just drill one in like I did

Joshy Squashy says:

The REAL reason is Apple Pay..

obese hamster films says:

btw you can get a pair of lg tone Bluetooth earbuds for pretty cheap at times if you don't mind buying them used off eBay.

obese hamster films says:

I'm not an apple fan but them removing the headphone jack certainly isn't the end of the world, like some people have said that there is a adapter so you can use a regular pair of headphones with it and in that case you could just keep the adapter on your headphones. of course a major downside to this is that you won't be able to charge the phone and use wired headphones at the same time if it's dead.

Micah Meredith says:

Maybe the reason why they removed the head phone jack because water is easy to get in their and it would act like a weak spot for the iPhone 7

Joseph Galloway says:

I bet the iPhone 8 has the jack back

silverpurkat says:

I want the headphone jack. The additional issue especially if you are a parent of teenagers these wireless earbuds will cost a pretty penny when your kid looses one or both of them. I don't say this often but they jumped the shark on this one especially when you have kids that have to keep track of pieces. Don't they learn from childhood games with too many pieces? If they don't go back to the headphone jack in the next model I am done with IPhone for that reason. Yes it's a money making decision but only if you sell them!


I don't have to switch to Samsung, I already have one lol

Alex Johnson says:

If you're buying a $800 phone why the fuck would you complain about a $160 wireless headphone

Chad Trahan says:

Samsung all the way….I never did like any of apple's crap…they should have made the phone bigger to accommodate the space needed instead of the no phone jack BS.

microscopical wolf says:

tbh honest i wouldnt spend over 150 on a phone

McServerHackers says:

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Lynex Roto says:

YouTube is old lets get rid of it

Themexicansloth says:

wireless will give ya cancer

Scott Brumelow says:

I mean there's a thing called "Bluetooth" lol

Tess Townes says:

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