The Original Apple HomePod

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Getting Siri on Apple’s first home speaker, the iPod HiFi & turning it into a retro Homepod?
Whitney Myer – I’m The One Cover:
Buy the original iPod Hi-Fi –

The original Apple Watch –
WWDC 2017 Recap!
iMac Pro!

30 pin Bluetooth receiver:
Bluetooth Aux reciever:

My Audio Setup & Gear:

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My Gear:


Jonathan Morrison says:

Did you know Apple already released a speaker? 🤔 Also, two videos in two days! 🎉 Who caught yesterday's video?

RDX Tech says:

Pewdiepie 😂😂😂 4:18

DarklingGolem50 says:

Very Useless. It does not have a Lightning Connector and looks ugly with an adapter

Deborah Thompson says:

I am very grateful for this video because my 30 pin connector is slightly damaged and I don''t have the cradle adapters as I bought it second hand off my crazy twin sister
.I have just put a bid in for an Mpow Streambot wireless bluetooth adaptor and hope to be able to bluetooth my spotify from my iphone 7.

Mr and Mrs LilNickel says:

sony gtk- xb5 bluetooth wireless speaker I am fan of your channel it so cool to hear your tech and to watch what you have to show so I can buy if you say it's good

Alger Rindu Parhusip says:


guru vyas says:

It has a signature on it

Brendon Norris says:

I have one of those the Ipod is the only device I liked from apple otherwise I hate everything about them

Brennan Ball says:

4:22 😂😂😂😂😂

Cudket says:

I'm really curious to how Jonathon gets his hair to look so nice! What do yo use? How do you do it?

Marlo Stanfield says:

Hey @Jonathan Morrison how would you compare the iPod Hi-FI to the BeatBox by Dr Dre(Monster). I see that you did an unboxing for it. My BeatBox died so I'm buying this Hi-Fi used from someone. Is it as loud as the BeatBox?

rydd axecell says:

Hey Jonathan, Where did you get that electric blue case?

陳荃蔚 CHAN CHUEN WAI says:

I wonder why not use an iPhone 4s…

Camden Dunlop says:

Well ya got my phone playing Everyday Bro…

Pates says:

Am I the only one thinking here: WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST USE THE IPHONE 4S?!?!?

duck quaack says:

Sometimes things get stupid, you're watching a nice tech YouTube video and get blown away by a simple black and white shirt.
Well I'm normally only wearing under amour when it comes to sportswear or sportsbrands but this shirt I don't know why but I fucking love it.
Do you have a link or something for this? I'm searching for 2 hours now and didn't found anything at all :[

Jangel Nolasco says:

Invisible wall attack XD hahahahaha

Caleb Abell says:

When he said “hey Siri” my phone went off.. smh Apple

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