The New iPhone is Just Worse

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We’ve done something that at first seems counterintuitive–and then is: we’ve made it worse.

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gourav bist says:

illuminati confirmed

TheKay830 says:

I just hit the subscribe bar only because i see the subscriber's number……………………hahaha

Star Trek Fanatics says:

Queens of the stone age quote right at the end! Brilliant!

Angelo Pangan says:

The iPhone 10 be like "We removed the phone in our best iPhone yet". No one uses phone anymore. It'a a hundred year old technology.

Ecorigon IV says:

Problem 1: I feel like apple is struggling to come up with new ideas and inventions. Every new release now seems to have the same body and feel, with one like sound speaker removed. This leads very well into problem 2.
Probelm 2: AND PEOPLE STILL BUY THEIR CRAP. I swear apple could move the home button 0.0000015mm to the right and they would still boast about how much of a "difference" it makes.

Fido's “Wall of Fido” Wall says:

the only new innovative and exciting features coming every year in iPhones would be new color names

KSTopNotch says:

Pause at 3:02.. Why is that necessary? . Illuminati bullshit

Gamesational says:

Team android where you at!!!

HyperSB says:

1:43 is the best part!

Laura Doan says:

I really have a thing against macs, so I get Samsung phones.

Mateo Ceballos says:

I just realized that the voice in these apple commercials is a reference to big brother. I read 1984 a while back. and you guys are amazing at it. I can't wait for the iPhone 8 video.

Sophie Derbyshire says:

That got dark real quick.


lol ????

Uncharted fan 2000 says:

Anyone else saw da illuminati at da end

Jason Frick says:

Just bought the IPhone 7 and i gotta say it's definitely been helping me lose weight. Now i have no money to spend on food for 3 months.

ShyGloomy GhostGirl says:

and I'm just here with a flip phone still…

keira leon says:

Jony giveth and Jony can taketh away.
All hail Jony

Stevie Daguanno says:

This is the best video I've seen in such a long time from u guys xD I missed skits like this


Speaking seriously for a moment, the iPad Backs idea wouldn't be totally stupid if it were a real product, as it could serve as a decent tablet-based server device.

lolmock25 says:

next thing to add is a dildoe so it can fuck u for real

Miraculyssa Luv says:

Agreed! They only made it worse!

Kadene Harvey says:

Over 11,000 fanboys are upset.

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