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Apple’s New iPad:

Criticism of Invisible Children:

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Danyal Cheah says:

Watching this in 2016 makes me feel good about having out of date tech =.) Thanks Phil !

Mundane Pixels says:

Why did I just get recommended this video?

Mundane Pixels says:

Why did I just get recommended this video?

Sam O says:

first in 2 years

Kaya Anyoti says:

I'M UGANDAN. Just went there. Kony isn't taking children anymore. Uganda is pretty safe but the government doesnt do anything

Martin Maher says:

I got ipad 4 it's got A6X

newman8r45 says:

why buy an 800 ipad when you can have a laptop/ultrabook for for the same price and with a faster processor, more capabilities, and a shit ton more storage?

InitialSHE says:

I did get the new iPad, back then that is, I'm not an apple fan though, I'm more of an oh-your-stuff-is-so-pretty-i-wish-I-were-made-of-money type person.

FanOfAnything says:

the ipad 4 came out lol bam ipad 3 people got owned

alexis2kool says:

4GLTE?!?!! Apple finally joins the rest of the android users.

KingGoof90 says:

Wtf? Stupid iPhone. PHIL ROCKS!!!!

KingGoof90 says:

Phil ricks!!!!

Emma Downs says:

Apple has amazing software, but the hardware is built to break. I know someone who worked for Apple, designing codes, and it was actually in the manufacturing manual to make hardware that is "easily expendable for new edition updates." In other words, they produce hardware that is built to break down, which is why they have Apple Care, so people will pay extra to send their products in when they "break". I'm not saying Microsoft is a saint either; but at least their hardware is built to last.

Nathan Wright says:

(stupid send button) crazy and I dont agree with anything they're doing at all. I absolutely despise Samsung stuff though, I've always gotten defective Samsung products.

Nathan Wright says:

I enjoy my apple products, but the company itself is

Latva_Laho93 says:

Angry birds on background nice ^w^

TheNoobleStation says:

Infinity Blade II

OnePathToFollow says:

I love that room you're sitting in, very cool 🙂

Taryn Nelson says:

That's where they wanted to protest and apparently the school couldn't fight against that decision. It was rediculous. There were only 3 people from West Bororo and close to a hundred people from the community. There was a bike gang that came to support us and kept revving their engines to drown out all the hate those idiots were spewing. They left only 30 minutes after it started.

That One Mad Scientist says:

Watching this on the iPad 3:3

ezeant says:

Hi ipad Three How you doing

TheFalloutprops says:

Wat was that game with the sword fighting?

Dan says:

You were missing Telus

Steve Yzerman says:

this was awesoome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ramasart10 says:

Hulk Hogan sextape?!?! LOLWTFCLICK!

Derian Stockton says:

Watching this on new iPad..

camila ascencio says:

I'm actually watching this on the new iPad

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