The iWatch: Apple iPod nano 6G Wrist Watch Setup

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In this video I show you how to configure the Apple iPod nano 6G as a wrist watch.


kennedy andrews says:

i dont think you need to make a video about that. im pritty sure every body
now how to do that

mamba2468 says:

lol he sounds lik Walter White Jr

Eynar Dzhavadov says:

hey look, its the apple watch. apparently its been out for years now. 

Dyno Buoy says:

Moto “copy” Magic

The iWatch: Apple iPod nano 6G Wrist Watch Setup

கைய்யோ கைய்யோ ஆப்பிள் 2008ல பண்ணதை 2014ல பண்ணீட்டு பெரும பீத்தாங்கொலி!


Sung Je Mi says:

wow i want to have this one !!
can i buy it ??

thaer swadi says:


Abdulla Ansari says:
tormeslc says:

It looks nice but pushing a button whenever you want to know what time it
is… is quite nuisance. What if I have the other hand occupied carrying
something… Agggh, why not make it work with a movement of the hand or a
shake…? No, not gonna buy it.. nop

SPS828Gaming says:

No wonder why there’s no iWatch. This is the iWatch!

Divya Raina says:

how much does this ipod cost?

Wilson Wijaya says:

looking forward to this ;)

Stefan .Videnovic says:

still have this thing, and I still love it

john geo says:

does it include WI_FI

Aryan Sameer says:

Cool!!! I tried it with me ipod shuffles clip

Ben Dowrick says:

Thanks for WATCHing

Aldo Fuego says:

Do you still have one?

sa rwe says:

The first smartwatch lol

Seigo1224 says:

nice :)

Ava Chen says:

Haha lets all watch it 100000 years later!

Flappo Spammo says:

apple ahead of the curve

as usual

Transformers series says:

There might be an I watch with ios7

Luis Nicolas says:


YoureSpotOnWithThat says:

So, does this have a speaker? no ! Can it connect to a wireless speaker on
my bicycle handle bars, for example? Anyone? . I can’t ride the bicycle
while using headphones, in case of a crash happening. . Anyone can answer,
thank you. o0o

Brian Schaaf says:

80 bucks at gamestop

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