The ipod Human

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The Apple ipod has taken over the modern day world. We created one even better.


Aleksis P says:

iPad human comes in multiple colors wicked white,racist black,yucky yellow and retarded red

YuhNinja says:

retarded red! HA XD

Dorothy Aquitania says:

Im watching this at april 24,2016

ChillScorpion says:

That movie maker edit though LOL. Still funny as fuck.

Edna Mabuti says:

I'm watching this in 2016

zaheeb tariq says:

this was made before i was born

noah fabricius says:

Who's watching in 2016?

Lenny Da Face says:

Omg why the fuq is ur pic cat noir XD

Elias Norgaard says:

Its really funoy W h a t's u p0 piquant expansion $ !!!!!!

Delanie Roman says:

Yucky yellow????????????

/CE says:

Burnt black

ProbablyThe1 says:

damn. time flies.

Issybeauty445 says:

Umm please say that I'm not the only one watching this in 2016.

Mary Black says:

I think my sister is an ipod human. And ofc I'm not a fan..

Mark Lorenz Barangan says:

Who's watching this in 2016

dr frankenstein says:

whos watchiing in 2069

Derps Guide to EVERYTHING :3 says:

Dis was one year after I was born

Jaimy balzak says:

Damn this some classic shit

Kaitin Chan says:

This is one of his rlly old videos

Full Metal says:

Hey ryan where's the link to buy this ?

Jimmy Browning says:

batteries not included

Josh Pogranicy says:

2007 this was uploaded dang 2016 now 2007 was along time ago

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