The iPhone 8 Will Be Incredible!

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iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Rumors & Leaks Have Begun! New Features To Expect & Rumor Roundup With Sources!

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Carson King says:

Apple has never invented anything!

SkybioN says:

Cough Cough Samsung Galaxy S8 Cough Cough

Corres says:

iPhone stole Samsung's idea!!! 🙁

Mauricio says:

So when you drop it not only the screen will crack but the back also??

hallowmaxberry74 says:

Oh yeah darn it apple wont be using slave labor camps at foxcon and it won't be stolen by the same subcontracting slave camps, dam trump

hallowmaxberry74 says:

And it will cost way more and easier to break

hallowmaxberry74 says:

Yes out of glass so they cant handle a single drop

Mas says:

that glass thing sounds so dumb

Funny Lemon says:

apple made it glass so when it falls u there's no chance of it surviving and then u hav to buy a new one well played apple👍🏽

ndubstar says:

1 decade? that's it? lol.
@Stephen Lu – yeah now just say or yell out from across the room "hey, iphone"

Dedi S Kurniawan says:

its ifhone 8

Johnny Kiener says:

Glass? I drop my phone ALOT oh crap

That One Guy says:

apple is so shitty that they have to copy Samsung

Jane Stewart says:

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jafmonte02 range says:

guys what if apple and android team up and make the best phone in history

Mundane Box 15 says:

I can't believe most of this is actually true

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