The history of the iPod nano

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Since its introduction in 2005, there have been several generations of iPod nano. Apple’s small music player has been at the heart of the company’s music strategy for over a decade, and has seen a lot of changes in its lifetime.

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Mr Wolfz says:

I have a Rippoff Nano Poopy Touchscreen iPod that looks like a iWatch

Hase says:

The funny thing is that there is no square image ratio that will create exactly 512 pixels… stop fucking with mah ocd

TheGamerPasta says:

I have the 2007 ipod. I still use it!!

Morgan Official says:

iPad Nanos were what saved emo's during the high school era.

Ευτύχιος Βαβαγιάκης says:

The perfect iPod Nano would be the 7th gen one but with the camera, mic and speaker of the 5th gen, the clip of the 6th gen one, the games that 5th gen had, the watchfaces that 6th gen had and EarPods with in-line mic and controls.

The1awesome girl says:

My iPod is the 3rd generation I used to have the one they showed third but,I lost it on vacation to Maui!

Alejandro Ucelo says:

Whoa man what's wrong with your finger, looks like a lack of blood flow

Emiliano Bautista says:

Am I the only one that had Ipod Nano color with a Zune?

AnThony Quinn says:

Well damn, they are gone indeed.

Cesar Alvarez says:

iPod Nano and Shuffle are now gone

Andrew Tv Vlogs says:

The ipod nano 6th gen was the first Apple watch

PonyFilm says:

RIP iPod nano and shuffle

TheTarrMan says:

Back in 2005 LimeWire existed so the original Nano with it's 2GB storage was already way to small for most folks. That's why I was still rocking my Sony DickMan all the way up to 2010 when I got my first Apple product, the 3GS with 32GB.

Gabriel Miller says:

The iPod nano and shuffle were discontinued last week 🙁

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