The Evolution of Apple Mice #ComputerClan

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Vintage Apple Tours #2 – The Evolution of Apple Mice
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This tour takes you on a bit of a time travel journey. We start with the Apple Desktop Bus Mouse from 1986, and we end with the Apple Magic Mouse in 2009. Through time, you can see how the iterations of the mouse showed different changes. Please note that these are not all of the Apple mice that were made.

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Drew Felsenheld says:

Is it just me, or does anyone love the apple pro mouse?

Harry Jones says:

Charlie would name it algernon

Jim jester says:

At 1:05 The ball Was Like "I'm Outta here!!!!"

oskar ewfall says:

ápples mice really do suck monkeyballs omg.

palmtree486 MC says:

the black one was called the apple mouse not the pro mouse even though it was the same thing

The Kid Kinect says:

Woah weird coincidence I'm getting a iBook G4 yeah I'm old

MidnightSundowns says:

Great video.

Gabriel Brito says:

RIP for reeldeal

Red Smith says:

Never liked any of Apple's mice…..

Tristris 389 says:

i hate the magic mouse. i like the pro or the mighty mouse.

Tristris 389 says:

i hate the magic mouse. i like the pro or the mighty mouse.

Tristris 389 says:

i hate the magic mouse. i like the pro or the mighty mouse.

Anthony gonzalez says:

comment if you are watching on 2016

Ethan Dubinsky says:

You should do an evolution of the Apple Trackpad and include Apple Laptop trackpads and the external Magic Trackpads :)


i started using apple mouse from that usb generation i 1998 (aqua color mouse) thanks for making this video :)

I am RGP says:

Sounds ? .-.

EverythingApplePro n says:

Still use the Mighty Mouse today.

Doctor Freeman (Ulisse54) says:

I had the last mouse and i threw it in rubbish because it hadn't the wheel, so i couldn't play games, now i found out it wasn't necessary!!

TheWithering_PE /PC Studios says:

The puck mouse is OK, but I mean its round…

BonziBUDDY says:

Why the fuck do they not have two separate clicking buttons like a traditional mouse?

MacXpert74 says:

I still use my "mighty mouse" from my old 2006 iMac on my current Mac. I like it better than the "Magic mouse" I don't like having to replace batteries all the time and just like the feel of the smaller form factor of the "mighty mouse" better. The only weak spot is the scroll wheel. It tends to stop working after a while.

yoshendo says:

I have the black pro mouse

robert grayston says:

20 years to add a right click lol

Jay S says:

You forgot the first one

hal says:

A long glorious history of terrible, terrible mice.

TheElectricNerd says:

Is anyone out there saying that they hate the mouse design by Apple? No? Just me?

Leijonafani says:

Magic mouse has really sharp edges for some reason, I switched to Logitech T620 and I like it way better. MX Master is the best one tho.

Joshua Murillo Portillo says:

My brother has a magic mouse and he never used it.

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