The Best Apple Watch Clone | Unboxing/Review

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Trevyn Fisher says:

What's "the app"?

Beth Hendry says:

can you buy them in the uk

Beth Hendry says:

what is the website and the product called on the site

Sagar Jaiswal says:

Sir i n the watch we get whatsapp notification jpg file support zooming option which we can clearly see jpg file what is writer on it.plz reply

James Commerford says:

is it waterproof?

Dzasta 78 says:

The watch face he picked is exactally like my apple watch face haha


Can you update the link?

Meda Noreikaitė says:

Hey, just wanted to know if the watch is still working after a year of having it? and did it come with a warranty? because i found one on the website you provided but it doesn't say anything about the warranty. And is the fitness tracker working with iOs? Im planning to buy one myself.

Bogdan BDB says:

Hello i really enjoined you video , i subscribed and liked you video and can you please do the same to my channel. Thank you

Simple Lyrics says:

where did you get it?

Jason Smith Jr. says:

how did u get it im planning getting one for chirsmas

I.C. Sezdablindman says:

Not going to lie man….
Proof before you post.
Not going to lie.
You should watch your videos before you post them.
Not going to lie here…
See if you notice anything in them that gets old fast.
Not going to lie.
But, on the bright side, it's not as bad as "you know what I'm saying?".
Which, requires acknowledgement from time to time from whoever they're addressing.
But, there's a phrase or something that keeps popping up.
I'm not got to lie here.
But, it seems like something keeps happening.
Not going to lie.
Focusing and pointing the camera at the focal point of the subject wouldn't hurt.
Ok. It might…
I'm not going to lie here…

Hamza The Gamer says:

Does it have the anti lost

condet gamer says:

When he sed "not going to lie" he lied when he sed he wasnt poor???

Yogesh Bhambhwani says:

I cant see it any more cline of d watch i m a owner of a gold apple watch edition and thats "REAL"

That Dude Cortez says:

Where did you buy it? I found it on ebay but its $70!

Milton Bas says:

Buy a tripod please?

Channel for Everything in the world says:

Where can I buy the watch?

Indian vlogs says:

please give me that watch

Edoardo Solito says:

You don't lie man, that's a fact.

Creationyte _ says:

Cool but is slow and i like the bit where u can take the straps of cause it looks really real! how r u gonna buy one? cause i can't find it and is there any chance that u could get one for free?

ITSYABOI 123 says:

Mate ur not going to lie

Carlos Aguirre says:

The name of the smartwatch is mtk2502c, I found it in eBay and the cost is under 60 dllrs

Team Robust Fan says:

That was NOT rose gold! It was just normal gold

Mr. Snowman says:

where can I get it

Studio Métrage says:

What is the name of the watch ?

Arbiter40 Music says:

can you dowloadv3rd party apps?

Aston Salter says:

Looks really real gonna buy a cheap one too

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