Taron Egerton Meet the Actor Event from June 5th, 2015

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All Right Belong to Apple/iTunes

Taron Egerton drops by the Apple Store to discuss his film KIngsman: The Secret Service. Topics include Colin Firth, Eggsy, George (JB) as well as answer fan questions


Maina Rocha says:

21:04 "Sugar Plum Fairies! My word!"
21:49 " 'Ello Sweetheart!"
So lovely, adorable and charismatic!! XD

winterwolf211 says:

Oh shit he knows about the videos O_O

Jill Ayala says:

He was so nervous his feet were the cutest thing????????❤️

gtfo hollie says:

highkey inlove with him

24musicka says:

He looks like josh hutcherson mixed with ryan philippe

Hema Malik says:

Why has it taken me this long to watch this interview?! Ah, he is just delightful. What a lovely, sweet, well-spoken guy. He's so funny as well. ???? His performance in Kingsman was unbelievable and that film will remain one of my favourites of all time for a very long time. I wish he would give himself more credit though. He's always so modest about himself but he doesn't realise how great he really is. Like whenever he is asked about playing James Bond, he says he probably isn't he right person for the role but he damn well could be. ???? I love the fact that he knows all about the fanart and shipping. ???? I do agree that Firtherton is a bit strange but it's always funny when celebrities get confused by fans' fantasies. I also find it adorable how fidgety he is with his feet. He puts them in such awkward positions. He just can't sit still, which is probably why he nearly fell of his chair and muttered "sugar plum fairies!" ???? Basically, I love him and I wish him all the success in the world because he's so talented and a great guy.

Deli Issa says:

Does anyone know which video he is Talking about with the footage of drama school?

Deli Issa says:

This interview is amazing, love him!

ultramarineblue says:

he knows about the videos hahahaha

Fay “Avi'dfan60” Samuel says:

I love him…just sayin…must of watched Kingsman so many times that the blue ray is just, well. blue…

Jordan Simms says:

he is hot

Jordan Simms says:

he is hot

n a v y ???? says:

He said his hero was David bowie

zyxinged says:

He's so adorable!!! Oh God! I'm becoming a really big fan of him after watching his interviews he's so adorable, honest and witty, God… I could listen to him all day long.


Sneha P says:

Oh he's so sweet…and articulate,honest and just pure lovely…..basically he's British lol! !

Isabelle Nox says:

Thank you for uploading this!

SoFlo Pinocchio says:

"shipping? what is that?"

DFMixes says:

was 2:01 backwards

WolfBane says:

He almost shit himself at 21:03 because the chair started to fold. lmfao.

Nina Garcia says:

I wish I could write something very beautiful and poetic about his personality but all that'll come out is nothing but, HNNNNNNNNNNNNGG!!!

Isagani sarino says:

i watched it

Stannis The Mannis says:

what a jawline

Sam Ash says:

He's adorable xD

Billy joe Dagupan says:

taron is the best actor everrr>>

megamiKitsune says:

I'm getting even more captivated with Taron with how self-aware he is and confident but not cocky, very grounded and that he's all game to all these "shipping" going on. He's ballsy to face that topic and just be all chill with it and having loads of fun. My kinda guy, so energetic but not overacting. 🙂 Can't wait to see his upcoming movies such as Legend!

Jenny Hwang says:

So humble and down to earthh. Such a likeable guy. Love him. Expecting great things from him :)

Kate Belmont says:

in love with him

Nev Trevor says:

Luv this interview ❤️ luv him

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