Tap Your Apple Logo To Make It Glow! How To on iPhone 7

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Super Cool NEW Glowing Apple Logo Mod For iPhone 7/7 Plus! TOUCH Activated! How To Make Your iPhone Apple Logo Light Up!

iPhone 7 Plus Version: https://youtu.be/QGS7Ydk1kew
iPhone 6s Version: https://youtu.be/SugIwwOMCS4
iPhone SE Version: https://youtu.be/CJShiwP7FhM

I Got Mine Here: https://goo.gl/wsXFqf


akashdip Das says:

will it remain water resistant? if yes then i will try it on my iphone 7 plus red

A.V International says:

achay bhale phone ki maa chod k rakh di ap ny to

bruce banner says:

Can this be done on iPhone 6?

chingatufather says:

Not cracking my screen for logo to glow

It's Gracie.craft says:

i didn't even have iPhone…why am i here..

MCchickenPortal says:

Not worth it

tobi adigun says:

I would never do this

Bob Games says:

IT dussend work

MJ dbz says:

Haha i loved when you broke your phone dumb fuck haha broken phone sucka!

raman yadav says:

Can you give your iphone plzzz

Chris Norton says:

Instructions not clear enough. Got penis stuck in charging port.

Chippo Man says:

I'm gonna go try this now!
Wait… I don't have an iPhone.

McFox999 says:

and puff, no more water resistent

Mohammad Samra says:

Holy fuck. All this just to show it glow. Your dumb as hell. Go get a real job

Ryan Lee says:

Not worth it

L.Y. says:

What a moronic video.

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