Sync Your iPhone in iTunes 12.4.1 | Tutorial 13

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This video shows you how to sync your iPhone to your Computer in iTunes 12.4. It also shows you how to find your iPhone within your iTunes in order to sync Photos, Videos, Tv Shows and Apps.
This video shows you the basic design of iTunes 12.4 and provides and brief overview of the layout.
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Dominic Shakes says:

can't find it

Cameron Wilbond says:

how do i transfer music over to my iPhone 5

Zinty Banan says:

i don't get an icon…

balitang visdak says:

iTunes could not connect to the iPad "iPad" because an invalid response was received from the device. OK

Jordan B says:

My phone for probably the past year will always say "trust this computer" but it never shows my device is connected. I first noticed this after updating Itunes. I thought maybe the devices section was buried somewhere I just couldnt easily see but I could never find it. So Ive just dealt with having no space on my phone, but I had some spare time today and I updated both my phone and Itunes and restarted them both and nothings changed. Ive also reset location and privacy settings on my phone and proceeded to allow my phone to trust the computer and still nothing. What do i do?

Belle Vengco says:

I have iTunes I am trying to sync my playlists from my iPhone 7 to my Air. I've gotten as far as seeing my iPhone on the screen, however, when I click at the icon on iTunes for my phone, it doesn't list the playlists I have on my iPhone. The reason why I am doing this takes me to the first question: 1. Why can't I see my playlists on my computer when iPhone is plugged-in? 2. I wanted my songs to play IN THE ORDER (the music in order) I had set it up on my iPhone. When I go for a run and listen to my playlist, it shuffles all my songs! Can you help me with this? I was hoping that by plugging it in to the computer, I will be able to fix the order of songs on the playlist.

Ravi Jairath says:

Not showing the symbol of i phone with new release

booleyzoo davis says:

My iPhone isn't popping up at all

Zero Playz says:

Hi, so i dont have the option to sync my iphones photos it doesnt have that check box. Pls helkp!!

Clay Burkhardt says:

Hi, do you know what it means if the computer can detect the iPhone, but the ITUNES program itself isn't coming up with the iPhone icon?  Gosh it's frustrating.  Thanks.

mylifeas hannah says:

Hi I downloaded the latest software for iTunes and I plugged in my phone and said yes to trust. but the little iPhone symbol isn't showing up. what do I do????????? please help

Charlotte Wilson-Smith says:

Mine comes up with trust computer I do that but it doesnt come up with the icon on the top to sync my phone, even when I go onto file then devices it won't let me sync in :s
So confused! It won't let me sync any of my deivices! Please help

Ragini Mistry says:

ive done this but I still don't have the phone symbol

Jack The Killer says:

here is my issue. i have itunes 12.4.3 and there is no iphone logo no devices tab nothing. when i run diagnostics it says
no iphone found which is pluged in and the cable is fine.
1 or more sync tests failed

the whole device manager solution doesnt work for me.

please help me i tried the solution, reinstalling itunes and shutting of or restarting my pc. it just doesnt work

Kenzie says:

My ipod doesn't show up in device when I plug it in. What do I do?

Windy says:

Hi, Thanks for the video. I can see the mobile icon on the top right of the iTunes. But when I click on it, nothing happens. It is not active! can you please help?

Ãrįkå Łøčã says:

Hello I need to add ringtones to my iPhone but I don't know how!!!! pls help

Code123red says:

"Mines don't say, Trust computer" it's says "Do you allow your photos and videos…And some other shit." I need help, And it's annoying me, Because I need to back up my phone!

Hamza Tartir says:

i plug in my iphone 6s and its full of stuff but whener i plug it in it only gives me the options to restore from a backup from months ago or as a new phone

Ryan Farrugia says:

what if my i phone cant connect in the first place?

Izzy Calilung says:

i dont have the icon beside the music
pls help

Rajesh Kumar Sah says:

if i connect my iPad/iPhone with a laptop with iTunes, it does not appear on iTunes and so I am not able to add file/sync my device with laptop. how to solve


Thank you so much

Nima Mahdavi says:

That little iPhone symbol which u press which brings the whole of your info is not working for me when I press it, I press it and nothing happens

Nima Mahdavi says:

That little iPhone symbol which u press which brings the whole of your info is not working for me when I press it, I press it and nothing happens

Nant Nant says:

When I Connect My IPhone It Say Set Up As New Phone & Restore From Backup So What Should I Do

Elisa Vtr says:

Hey ! Can you make a video to put new songs in your iphone ? Since the Itunes 12.4.1 update, I'm not able to put new musics on my Iphone..! Thanks

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