Steve Jobs introduces iPod Touch & iTunes Wi-Fi Store – Apple Special Music Event (2007)

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In an iPod-focus event, Steve Jobs refreshed the full iPod line-up, unveiled the iPod classic moniker and introduced iPod touch, iPhone’s little brother. HIGHLIGHTS
00:00. Update on iTunes
03:46. Ringtones on iTunes introduction & demo
10:32. iPod Shuffle refresh
12:10. iPod nano with video introduction & demo (3rd generation – aka fat iPod)
22:47. Pod nano TV ad “1-2-3-4”
24:02. iPod classic introduction
28:04. iPod touch introduction & demo (Music, Safari, YouTube)
44.23. Unreleased iPod touch TV ad
45:12. ONE MORE THING… iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store intro & demo
53:20. Starbucks partnership demo & founder (Howard Schultz)
1:05:44. iPhone price reduction

Date: September 5, 2007
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 52 years old.
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Note: Audio muted in some places due to copyright.


Ravshan Usmanov says:

Can you believe it's been ten years already?….. sigh….

KawaiiAsh says:

Steve Jobs molested me backstage :(

Sam Sanders says:

I miss Steve and his amazing presentations!! Why can't we have innovation like this anymore? In 2007 8GB was standard, we still seem to be stuck on that as well.

Oliwer Wijk says:

when the iPod classic has more storage than your macbook pro

Jack Estacio says:

Is this the first time YouTube Facebook and iTunes Store was on any device?

Reaper Gaming says:

I still have an iPhone 3GS and an iPod touch 4th generation they still both work excellently lol watching this on my 4th gen !

Shizzle says:

Whatever happened to "Make your own ringtones"?

VazDrae Studios says:

Here we are in 2016, and its cool again to release physical music, Vinyl and Casettes forever!

GG says:

And thus spawns the cancer that is iTunes.

Schmevil says:

Why did you distort to 4:3

hullstar242 says:

You realize monetizing videos that aren't yours is highly illegal right….

Mechanic Mike says:

I like how the graphic said "France, Greece, Norway etc in english but Deutschland, Österreich and Schweiz in German.

Anne MacDonald says:

Watching this on my iPad Pro 9.7 on iOS 10 using wireless headphones. Thank you Steve for helping us to get here

NotSoGoodGamer says:

I have that iPod nano the 2007 model

Spook Daddy says:

Rip our lord and saviour :c

Srijan Acharya says:

you never get bored watching Steve Jobs presentation

Dick Johnson says:

one of his top presentations indeed

Sam Kowalski says:

I'm watching this on my iPhone SE

Phan Davika says:

steve jobs presentation never get old..

Nicholas Lovan (Techinicabor) says:

maybe make truncated versions of videos without the muted areas.

Sumpter Carter says:

I saw 22 countries on the slide.

Manuel Fontanilla says:

I'm watching this on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. Without Steve Jobs, we wouldn't have the mobile age, the app stores and tablets. We would be stuck in the era of crappy Motorola, Blackberry and Nokia.

Thank you Steve Jobs.

End of comment. Lol!?

Abby Inman says:

I have that iPod nano lol

TheDiamondCreeper EvanTDC says:

Everyone by the iPod Touch because it's better than all the iPods that Steve Jobs built it's better than the iPhone

TheDiamondCreeper EvanTDC says:

everyone but the iPod Touch ever because it's one of the best Apple products ever that Steve Jobs made because it's better than the iPhone

TheDiamondCreeper EvanTDC says:

reason why I like iPod Touches it's one of the best iPod out of out of the world so Steve Jobs makes the best iPods ever an Apple so I'll see you in a word for you forever Steve Jobs

TheDiamondCreeper EvanTDC says:

the reason why I like the iPod Touch is it's so nice so I give them a link

Jill Marie Young says:

Ipad Mini 2012 model is my first Ipad. I might get back my old Ipod Touch 4th gen on Amazon. My old one died with a crack screen.

Rodrigo Vazquez says:

Just look at how confident Steve was, he had the attention of everyone, he had no need of doing silly and unnecessary jokes just like the ones we see today at Apple Events, I really really miss this guy so much. It's kind of funny how, even when this events are old, the speech and the way he presents his products is just enjoyable, it makes you feel just like if the products were new again.

You used to be so excited cause there wasn't stupid leaked information, so you were always thinking or trying to imagine about how the new product was going to look like.

We really miss you Steve.

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