Steve Jobs introduces iPhone 4 & FaceTime – WWDC (2010)

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A Steve Jobs full of energy introduces iPhone 4, Retina display & FaceTime. HIGHLIGHTS:
01:44. Updates on iPad (iPad apps, iBooks)
09:57. App Store & Apps demo (NetFlix, Zynga, Activision)
26:54. iPhone 4 introduction
34:54. Retina display demo
43:58. More iPhone specs & demo (A4 chip, Gyroscope, Camera)
54:00. iMove for iPhone introduction & demo
1:00:56. “Switch off your Wi-Fi”
1:03:00. iOS 4 introduction & demo
1:12:21. iBooks & iAds demo
1:28:29. ONE MORE THING… FaceTime introduction & demo
1:33:55. FaceTime video
1:40:00. iPhone 4 pricing
1:41:57. iPhone 4 video

Date: June 7, 2010
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 55 years old.
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Note: Audio muted in some places due to copyright.


Esha MSP says:

what was the name of that app he did as a demo?

Matthew W says:

was this the one that was always dropping signal?

aakash abhinav says:

On 27 September I watched this

Zopir says:

And he died a day later after this. How sad.
Correct me if i have wrong things.

ConnorW8 says:


Ray Wan says:

There is no innovation at Apple after Steve Jobs died!

alvaro mejia says:

Watch Steve Jobs ооnline hеrе => Steve Jobs introduces iPhоne 4 FaceTimе WWDC 2010

JimJay Lee says:

Cant image there was a AD bar even with such a small size screen

TransB0tic says:

This man is a living legend….oh wait.

ola mercedes (OLAPVP) says:

a message for steve jobs i am here from the future and the iphone 7 will have no headphone jack

Jaylen Smith says:

The last phone Steve jobs announced didn't make it to iOS 10
Rip iPhone 4S????

Oyvi00i says:

tbh i think the 5/5S or SE are the best iphones

Rohan G. Nair says:

If Steve was still alive, Apple would be destroying the smartphone market

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