Steve Jobs ibook Intro Macworld 99

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Steve Jobs introduces the then innovative clamshell ibook at Macworld 99.


Nice Channel says:

i am almost the only one who you can comment back

Maria Osorio says:

I kinda dig the design of the clamshell. It does seem as durable as he said it was. It's cute.

mipmipmipmipmip says:

a lot of you current's computer resources will be used up by rendering complex advertisements from webpages. Or handling bloated software where developers couldn't be bothered to compact the code and RAM usage. Without that, without HD video, and with well-written software the specs of this thing should actually still be good enough today. It's not much different than a NAS (except the tiny disk of course).

Plungeofficial says:

(5:28) "It has a handle!" audience goes nuts
I could not stop laughing

TheSgt. SAW says:

144p, maybe le lowest video quality in the world. 

John Nomend says:

It's so funny how these specs suck today..Just funny to see how big of a deal it was..

Benny Beep Bop says:

300mhz wow dreams……

Banks Avram says:

It would be cool if Apple made a version of these with modern components, ie. 8gb memory, 120 gb hard drive, OS 10 instead of Mac OS 9.

But sadly that will never happen

wb5704 says:

these computers are the fastest computers ever made. far faster than today's computers.

Thomas Kings says:

Consumer: iPhone 5c
Pro: iPhone 5s

Swiss Dewd says:

 Steve: "let me tell you a few other really grat things about this. One of the most                     incredible: It has a handle"
Crowd: ZOMG!!!! a HANDLE!!!11!!!1!!!!!1111!!2

Kommando Kodiak says:

I was gaming. I played Half-life, Team Fortress Classic, HL Opposing Force, C&C Tiberian Sun, Star Craft, Homeworld, Janes fighter Anthology, Stars Wars X-wing and Tie fighter, Doom II hell on earth/final doom. PC gaming was hugely popular as was console gaming

BullCraftGaming says:

fuck you steve jobs why u steal everyones money

Riley Bauman says:

It looked incredibly silly in 1999, for professionals back then the grey Toshiba's look better and cleaner. Not like some toy for children.

Alasdair Clift says:

Um, compared to a grey toshiba it looks like the ibook was made 10 years later or something

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