Steve Jobs calls up Dr. Dre about iTunes (2003)

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randy m says:

RIP to the god that bit the apple 🍎 for us 🙏

Crywolf -1337- says:

Dre the legend.

!cE Ag says:

Did he released the ALBUM?

ALEG DR1VE says:

Subscribe me please and look my nice cara videos. Thank you

Pg Stunna says:

14 years old…

K. Mo' says:

Working on my new record…. It was a gimmick to promote beats. Doubt it even ever existed. What… Over 10 years… Yeah

Idan says:

Who thought about dr dre's company Beats will be bought by Apple at that days

Master Chef Toast TV says:

Dopeness and genius innovation | @ChefToast |🇿🇦|

Tyrone Mooselips Son #CrackBaby says:

DR DRE the type of NIGGA to take it up the ASS!! 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

┗(-_- )┓TURNT says:

I dont think Dre knew just how fast record sales would drop, when he agreed with the idea of Itunes… Looking back at even limewire it should have been obvious the industry was gonna change….

RAPMAGIC Deleon says:

Dr. Dre working on his album, but he knows this iTunes bullshit was just propaganda for mr jobs. The art is at war with internet music sales declining like Trump's hair. Come on dudes. After the ipod? Cds were used as frisbees!

itstexas210 says:

wait I thought he was dead..Steve jobs

MrImpatient says:

Classic… now we don't have any jobs nor the old Vibes zzz 😴

Aoghan Mc Connell says:

People joking about Detox, he would've probably made 20-30million from realising performing and promoting an album that took nearly 12years….. he made a billion dollars from beats so why would he bother going back into controversy and haters instead he can just retire and enjoy life instead putting up with all his haters bullshit


Wtf record was that…bet apple stock it never got released

Denzyxbomb says:

How do I play as Michael myers on dead by daylight on console?

Ondřej Machovský says:

There were fucking ipods in 2003???

eerereps says:

always in the forefront of technology

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