Step by Step How To Install Kodi On The Apple TV 4 With A Windows PC For Free

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To install Kodi on your Apple TV 4 using a Windows PC you are going to need a few things listed below.
1. You are going to need a USB C to USB A cable so you can connect the Apple TV to your computer. You can get them for a few dollars on line and here is a link to the one I bought and use and works great for me.
2. You are going to need a free or paid Apple iTunes Developer’s account. If you already have an iTunes account, which I am going to assume you have if you own an Apple TV, all you have to do is associate that account with the Developer’s Program. You can sign up for the developer’s program and if needed create an iTunes account here:
3. You need Cydia Impactor which will resign your IPA app file with your developer’s account information. You can download Cydia Impactor here:
4.Finally, you need a Kodi IPA file that you can re-sign and install. Here is a link to an IPA file that you can use for re-signing.
Make sure you re-sign the IPA file with your own developer account info otherwise the IPA file I provided won’t work for you. Enjoy and please comment on your successes and failures with this method. I hope it works for you as well as it worked for me.
Jan 1 Deb File:
Kodi v17 Krypton TVOS IPA File :
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Garrett Cottman says:

Hi, I followed every step, when it comes time for me to force close Kodi, and then restart, my downloaded add-on (Gears of War) will not open automatically, am I doing something wrong or do I need to enable something? Great videos btw, thanks!!

Ursula McFly says:

trying to get a IPA file and resign it do you have a video on how to do that? i download it from the link but it won't open or even show up on iTunes and I don't know how to resign it. any advice. thanks

Ce Palo says:

I thought when u said that was for free it was not just for 7 days, u should clarify that in the title of ur video!!

Jin Lee says:

how to connect apple tv to pc?

Marjo Preka says:

Can you please tell me a method how to fix the 7 days problem of Apple TV 4

Steve Gilbert says:

Apple TV 3rd Gen uses a micro USB. I paused your video, drove to best buy and bought something I did not need. It's not your fault, I should have looked

frisco helms says:

No luck. Keep getting run time error. Any suggestions?

frisco helms says:

No luck with this method?. Keep getting run time error. Please help!!!

Justin Perlut says:

When dropping ipa into cydia impactor I get a message that says can not verify code signature.  Any ideas?

Veasna Seng says:

This support for Apple TV 3rd?

q travel International says:

hello, can i get movie hd add on which you mention in video single add on please?

Stephen Cullen says:

description says free … but costs £79 for to get account with the Developer's Program?????

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