Smash My iBook @ The Apple Store

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We get our hands on a ibook with a broken LCD and take it to the Apple Store where our friend, Mr. Ben, is the manager there. He has no idea what so ever what we are about to do. Another video from SmashSomeStuff.Com [Turn Up Your Volume To Hear The Voices Better]
[This Episode Was REMOVED By Apple. Then we got a release from them and now its back.]

NOT A CENT WAS SPENT WITH OUR MONEY! All money spent was raised in donations from people at our website.

** Want to know why we destroy expensive things? **
Take a look at the FAQ on our website,


Charlie Land says:

1080p hd video

proben ROTMG says:

Wow you selfless bastards!! Kids in africa could've eaten that iBook!!!

Aaron Madsen says:

Michael Jackson's awesome song stranger in Moscow is playing but why such a crappy weird cover?

BodofLegend says:

I love when he just drops that laptop and the cracks it over his knee lol. 

RadioEditHits2.0 says:

Mr Ben sayin dude calm down.

RadioEditHits2.0 says:

For some reason it sounds like kid cudi is singing the song when they go in the apple store.

jam342 says:

why the fuck would apple take shit from there own computer, why take the battery when its there computer

Floyd Kembo says:

Fuck u this is bullshit

Goldi Lauks says:

1000 times the quality would have gotten you 100,000 times the views.

kaseens2011 says:

Usa wankers

Josh King says:

240p we meet again

John Cartwright says:

I rub my dick on expensive shit, but you smash it ;).

BalzanGamingBros™ - I HAVE MOVED CHANNELS TO says:

I hate people like you and those are expensive and people work hard to make them at apple your a wast of time 6th graders

DOPE Dabberz says:

You mad bro?

Ben OGrady says:

TWAT thats all i can say absolute twat

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