Siri running on iPod touch 4G

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By @stroughtonsmith and @chpwn.

A public release is not possible at this time for a LOT of reasons. So please don’t ask.

EDIT: Also, unfortunately, we can’t explain how it’s done — it’s also not possible just using publicly available tools, so that wouldn’t be useful anyway.

(Once there is a public jailbreak for the iPhone 4S, this should become somewhat easier to distribute. No ETAs there, though: I have no clue when that will be.)


Joshua Belonzo says:

Siri through cydia and message ARE YOU STUPID? iMessage

TotallyAllyWzw says:

How did you get suri on the iPod

Jeff Anderson says:

He has iOS5 so it is a iPod go to and look for the iPod touch picture

Malik Muhammad says:

Make a video about how to get sir I on my iPod touch, because mine won't work on my iphone4 I need help please help me!

nkhil patel says:

Make a video how to get please

I love Kirk cousins says:

Haha I hear party rock anthem in the background that's funny

Nancy D. says:

Siri won't work on my ipodtouch properly like every time I say something then I wait but then it just keeps loading and loadin and it seems like forever so nothing happens! Is this normal ? Please help me fix this!

djonathand says:

My ipod got bricked when I put siri on it but i fixed it

cydia tweaks says:

you have to be jail broken if you want ill make a tutorial

Spark sum says:

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brad v says:

He jailbroke it I'm assuming

MOY Gaming says:

hey you did not tell us the tutorial

Spark sum says:

its funny that most of these people in the world are white that jailbreaks, the people you called *dumb niggers* don't care about a jailbreak, nice try doe you raciest lowlife fuck.

Yolodude says:

Cool I have an iPod 4

Alexandra Rebchunovskaya says:

I haven't Siri on Ipod touch

ItzWreckzyyy says:

he probly jailbrok it.

Thanh Hung says:

How do I get Siri? Please tell me. I have voice control, but that sucks.

Francisco Mariño says:

"I'm twelve years old and what is this?"

Jason Lee says:

This is old school go learn stuff like computer programing or something im just 12 and i know java and batch and vbs and html


How did u do that

ultigordon16 says:

I got Siri on my iPod touch 4g just go to this channel on YouTube named AppleTechPro search this video call How To Get Siri On IOS 6.0.1 iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4g and he'll tell you!

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