Sims Freeplay LP Cheat (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) (NO JAILBREAK)

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Bidur Khatiwada says:

hacking tips: www,softwaremuster,com go here :)

Patrice Thompson says:

does not work on ipad

Minecraft Daria says:

Does not work

Khalid Abdullatif says:

It's not working when I do it th the game said welcome back to sims free play and I want back to my old sims how im scared

Gaming with danielle says:

It won't work

Leah Hill says:

I was in lvl 35 and i did it and a Must start again

D/J Gaming says:

I tried it and it didn't work

Ann Olafsen says:

It dont works

itsyeboi. dean says:

Nice video

Puppy love says:

i have a wight ipad like yours

Megan Flemming says:

Doesn't work

Jaylece Akins says:

Don't work

Shenyee Too says:

Ffs learn how to hold a camera and talk nicely before u wanna do a video

Purple Ellie says:

Nope dur

Parvas Mahamud says:

Тhis hасk tооl is сrаzу its оn twittеr herе => сrеаtеd by russiаn hасkеrs…….. Sims Freерlау LР Cheаt iРhоooоne iРоd and iРаd NО JАILBRЕАK


what level do you unlock that plant

Jb Menchavez says:

It not work new update fucking update

Lauren N. Sokol says:

working hack ever, try this hack out guys, it works for everyone there :

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