Sesame Street: D: Dance

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Leon Vanderschaaf says:

Looks like those dancing iPod commercials

Maximillian Meyer says:

That was like the iTunes Apple shadows of Elmo Big Bird and Snuffy.

Seany Woods the MLG kid says:

This video is weird. But I like sesame street.

Andrew Wilson says:

0:18, Daps? Now whatever does that mean daps? There is no such word as Daps. Now come on. What is going on here? What is going on here? I want to know.

Tia Kennedy says:

whooooa snuffy whoooooa elmo!

familyfane says:

D is for dance…lol

Nellie K. Adaba says:

Nice silhouette animation

My1Huggy says:

omg my friends little brother love thiis vid

happybunnyntx says:

This was so cute I just might burst into giggles

Patrick Gaddis says:

I want an iPod shaped like a D.

Rebecca Myshrall says:

Like this comment if you were afraid of Snuffy the Elephant as a child.

Michael Sheldon Reed says:

@mrjacob00 Apple better NOT sue Sesame Street!!!!

Kim says:

cool, i like it.

TsWade2 says:

Hey! Watch your language! Not in front of the little kids.

TsWade2 says:

All I could says is……Yikes!
Although, Snuffy dancing is sort of cute.

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