Secret iPhone Button Trick!

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Secret iPhone 6s Plus Button Trick!/Halo Back Screen Protector
I made my iPhone 6s Plus more like a Nexus 6p or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus!

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Screen protector:


Periscope: keat
Snapchat: TechSmartt


ar ra says:

I hate this video

Gurlean Kharia says:

Do you think you can get it in the uk please answer

Anisha Lee says:

Dude, just buy and android!

ShadowSkillz46 says:

Just buy a samsung dude

Muhammed Shaheen says:

U talk too much but still good video#ur nt pewdipie

Exzotic Snipez says:

Sub to me sub to you

Axe Kitis says:

40 bucks for invisible buttons who fucking is peace of shity mommy fucked balls.

High_Bob says:

Misleading Title… Report?

M1LKDUD94 says:

this channel sucks.

Colton Cutler says:

this guy is trying to be cringe right?

Grace Smith says:

Ok so he doesn't know that if you tap the home button twice you do the exact same thing

Dylan Alanis says:

"What is life" that killed me ????

Dylan Alanis says:

"I'm so upset I need sugar water" haha so dumb but it's funny ????????✌????????

Lego TutorialGuy says:

its fucking gatorade.

Rainbow Dash says:

Wow great job. You just turned iPhones into androids… ????

Jordan Harris says:

A can i have dat iphone

mykel gwartney-spears says:

Cool product, but sweetheart you need to tone it down just a tad.

Lux says:

so how does he have an upload button and a timer button when taking a photo?

Ali khudiar says:

Who's watching it on Christmas

Shadowcrafter10292 says:

Why so many dislikes?

R3FL3X says:

wow this is so cool…. just buy a phone with 3 buttons..


yeah but my fucking screen is curved bruh

R3FL3X says:

who DOES want extra buttons on an iPhone for $40? Thats the shittiest thing I ever heard.

Kevin Spacey says:

But what if i'm not gay?

Matthew Brannen says:

And it's not secret if you tell everyone

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